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Today, I was hanging out with a group of friends when I got into a conversation with this really attractive girl who I've liked for months. She asked me what school I go to. I sit to her left in biology. FML
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Uh oh, the girl you want to get with doesn't know you exist. Your life clearly sucks.

O_o well then tell her you sit to the left of her in biology! Maybe she'll feel a bit bad about it and you'll be able to use that to get her to go out with you?


AmpulexCompressa 0

Uh oh, the girl you want to get with doesn't know you exist. Your life clearly sucks.

wazdog 4

But the girl knows he exists now. I'd say he's better off now than before.

Nah, he just now realizes that he's unnoticeable. His self-esteem has plummeted. Not better off at all.

Happens to me all the time. I had lunch with this guy I liked for the whole year, and he came over my neighbor's house, and he asked what school I went to. I sat at the table next to him for a year. Its not a FML. Suck it up, all you have to do is tell her that you go to that school, and make her feel stupid for not noticing you. She'll feel bad, and definitely you will get closer to her.

You deserve it for not sitting to her right.

Doesn't help his self-esteem. Anyways don't worry, girls will be girls...LOL...I am one! HAHA. FInd someone better. :)

You'll get closer to her by making her feel stupid? Umm...

It works. The guy I like did the same thing to me, and then he started hanging around me more.

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O_o well then tell her you sit to the left of her in biology! Maybe she'll feel a bit bad about it and you'll be able to use that to get her to go out with you?

Shadow_Phantom 26

She's probably going to fail that biology class *shot*

That ain't no kidding! OP, she sounds like a ditzy prep. Don't bother.

Ditzy prep? Seriously?! Way to stereotype. Do you even know what a prep is? Here's a hint: it's not someone who wears Abercrombie and Hollister.

Blahblahblah, nobody cares. Are you going to start ragging on me for using terms such as "emo" to describe cutters? Or how about if I say "that's gay" - will you counter with the "homos are not stupid!" argument or whatever? Oh, but wait, "gay" doesn't mean "homosexual," it means "happy." Word meanings change. Deal. :I

It isn't how you mean it. It's how other people interpret it. The stronger meaning will come first. It's still going to be offensive no matter what. Just don't say it.

Funny you say that, I was just reading that in my public speaking book. I mean, about the interpretation. The stronger meaning WILL come first, but as of the current, the stronger meaning is that prep = typical blonde ditzy fashiony whatever the hell. Just like the stronger meaning came first when some kid in Harvard was giving a speech he titled... ahh.. "Of Religion and Citizenship: My American Jihad" -- obviously, everyone took the word "jihad" to mean he was a terrorist, when in reality it has different meanings, and he was intending to point that out. He had to change his title to stop the protests, though. The stronger meaning was the general consensus that saying "jihad" is equivalent to "americans are pigs and should die." I don't care how many people I offend, though, if I did I wouldn't have said anything. I will say what I will. I'm not someone with such thin skin that I have to cry foul whenever someone says something that isn't politically correct. Like you said, it's still going to be offensive no matter what, because it is horribly, horribly difficult to NOT be offensive, no matter what. Example, you say "you're pretty" to someone, and they call you a creepy stalker type. A simple compliment turned offensive.

#41 - That has nothing to do with what I said. You were using the wrong term as your insult. That's not quite the same as calling people gay, emo, or retarded. If you insulted preps referencing private school, daddy's boat, Martha's Vineyard, the way they dress, or ANYTHING that remotely ties to the prep stereotype, that would be fine. You just did it completely wrong. It'd kind of like if you said, "Wah wah, go cry in your room and cut yourself, you ******* goth," and I was like, "Umm don't you mean emo?" See the difference?

The only places where "prep" means "blonde, ditzy, Hollister-wearing, teen" is in trashy little towns where the only thing to do is to go to the mall, and people think they're rich because they wear Abercrombie. In normal places, people know what an actual prep is.

If that is true, why has it turned to a general consensus? Define "normal places." ;P I wasn't aware there were certain standards for using stereotype words. What part of me referencing the prep stereotype wasn't understood? The prep stereotype includes being a self-absorbed bitch. If I said something was gay and meant it was stupid, or if I said you were an emo kid because you were depressed, what makes it any different from me saying someone's a prep if they're a bratty twat? Your post makes no sense. Or are you saying I now can't call someone a beaner if they're upper middle class Mexican, because then they'd have nothing to do with beans or something? Lol, rules with using offensive terminology.

bexox 0

Just because the girl is attractive, that doesn't mean she is stupid. Let's not stereotype here. :)

The whole point is that's not part of the prep stereotype. Preps are the kids that go to private boarding schools and then go on to Ivies. That's pretty much the opposite of a ditzy, Hollister-wearing idiot. You probably do live in a shithole where the "rich kids" all wear Abercombie. Everywhere else, people like that are considered trash. Preps are not trash. They are the opposite. Regardless, I'm tired of arguing about this because you don't seem to get it, and I don't really care anymore. Good day.

@84: Nobody said anything about being attractive. Annie, the reason I don't get it is because you are being completely unclear as to your point. In your initial post, you reprimanded me for using a common politically incorrect term to describe your typical Barbie-esque girlie. (And, yes, it is common. Pretty much everyone I've ever met has this general agreement, and I've met more people beyond my eyes, just so you know; it has nothing to do with where *I* live, since this IS the Internet.) I countered saying multiple politically incorrect terms are used every day because their general accepted meaning is changed. I used the example of an emo. Emos are not depressed, whiney, cutting fashionistc posers, obviously, but that is what everyone has now decided they are. Then, you seemed to switch gears on me. It seemed to me you switched sides and said "this is how you should use this as an insult." I said I didn't know there were rules to using politically incorrect terminology, and tried again to use the emo stereotype to emphasize what I was trying to say. Then you seemed to switch back to "prep is not an insult" or whatever. =/ Obviously, we're having a communication problem.

#81 the term normal is relative to me what you define as a shit-hole is normal and here we define preps as the stuck-up snobs who think there better than we are because they have money. preps are materialist bitches

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U deserve it for being quite In class and not making a friend bitch

how did this get passed moderation? plexico do you have any ideas?

My guess is that level of invisibility is so extreme, it is FML material. He sits right next to her every class and she doesn't even recognize that he goes to her school? If she didn't remember his name, that could be OK. If she didn't remember exactly which class she had with him, that would kind of suck. If they had never spoken, well, that is his own damn fault. But if she doesn't even recognize that he goes to her school, he reaches new heights of plainness and dullness. He is so extremely ordinary (oxymoronic, huh?), he can go unnoticed. Maybe he is a FAIL as a lover, but he might make a great spy.

if you sat beside her you should have said hi at least you have a place to keep talking to her

"...If you were my girl My feet would never touch the ground If you were my girl My heart would shout your name out loud I could conquer the world If you were my girl You're the prayer I pray when I'm on my knees The oxygen that lets me breathe The flame that burns inside me all the time..."

You know, I'm trying to decide if this is annoying or clever. I'm tending toward the latter. :)

well, as with all lyrics, it works out better if you know the song. in this case, it's "if you were my girl" by emerson drive. ps they will start to work with the FML a bit better the more i reply, so dont even worry, intoxicunt :)

Sounds good to me! I don't know that song though. Do some within my repertoire. I am actually a bit jealous I didn't decide to do this myself!

haha, i completely cant believe no one else did this! at first i thought it must be against the rules or somethin if no ones doing it, and, instead of checking, i posted and decided that if it is, itll jus get moderated PS again, be warned, many of my songs are country

I like how his name suggests as to what he is going to do.

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O WOW u have to stand out y r u so shy for?

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