By emi - 01/07/2012 04:30

Today, not only does my cat rabidly attack my face if I don't let him sleep on my pillow, but he snores too. FML
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So don't let it into the bedroom when you go to sleep?


So don't let it into the bedroom when you go to sleep?

that's what i was thinking.. keep him out and keep the door shut when u sleep

i have a clingy cat, and sometimes closing the door doesn't work. she'll scratch at my door and meow really loud until i open the door. cats are so selfish...

36 is right. if I closed the door on my cats, I would never ever hear the end of it. all night long: cckk cckk cckk cckk.....

Oreohugzpenny 4

Your cat is as funny as hell!

Things like this seem to only happen to cat owners. I'm sensing a pattern... /sarcasm

That's why, from the very beginning, I NEVER let my cats in my room when they cried outside my door, because I knew that if I did I would never get any sleep unless they were in my room. They learned that that behavior didn't get them what they wanted very quickly so now they don't bother howling and scratching for more than a few seconds.

xoconnie 8

i think its time to kill the cat...

I would just put that pillow in another room. I know you have more than one pillow. I've been watching...

mylifesucks_fml 1

let him have the pillow and in the middle of the night take your ass to the couch. then the next day shut your door and leave the pillow out with him.

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Then it will probably piss all over the house. Cats are adorable, but certainly evil.

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50-hell is not funny. It is a horrible place where the mighty god sends you if you are evil!

124- he was saying the cat was funny maybe he meant heck but it came up as hell u don't know that but then again nether do I but don't take things on these kind of websites so literally!!

36 - I'd rather have a cat scratch the door and keep me awake than having it claw my face and keeping me awake :p

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Or squirt it with water and teach it to mind.

Your cat just thinks that it is the alpha male because you probably let it have all the freedom it wants. You need to get tough and show the cat who's in charge.

Sometimes when I wake up my kitten is on my back or even my face. Clingy things aren't they?

TriflingAllDay 6

******* have the right away.

TriflingAllDay 6

Don't be trifling. Embrace it.

Cats are evil. Get rid of the cat? Problem solved :P

Dogs are better! Trade your cat in for one. ;)

Yes! Yes they are. I don't like cats because of this reason. You don't own my house I do.

Except if you have a cat, you DON'T own your house, the cat does. And this is a fact that all cat lovers quickly and happily embrace. We love our haughty little friends :)

Yeah I have dogs and can't deal with that. Plus I am severely allergic to cats which probably adds to my dislike.

Although I do have a husky.. so she has a mind of her own! I tell her she is a cat all the time but she is still obedient.

Both cats and dogs are amazing animals, if you know how to treat them and act with them.

This is stupid. Your cat probably wants to sleep on your pillow because you or someone else usually lets it. No point in getting annoyed by it now. Also, a snoring cat? I can't imagine something like that may potentially hinder anyone's sleep. And I agree w/ #1; grammar in this one sucks.

Cats' snores can get quite loud, especially those of brachycephalic breeds.

Apparently you don't have cats or your comment wouldn't be so stupid. Cats snore - mine use to. And its a comfort thing for the cat. My animals snore and it drives me up the wall.. I just have to get to sleep before they do. No reason to complain even though this is somewhat hilarious haha

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The grammar is fine actually, learn to read.

mark98706 4

You are a human it is a cat... Put it outside, kill it, give it away... Do something

You kill cat, I kill you, *Gives very evil and harsh death glare*.

10 - how is a human's life worth more than a cat's life?

mduffy08 8

84 - You're kid is dangling from a cliff on one side of the bridge, while your cat is dangling on the other. You can only save one.

i would never have children, but if I did, I would save the cat. it requires less time and money.

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If an animal attacked me I would kill it.. Im not advocating animal abuse, I would do it humanely but at the end of the day what good is a pet if it attacks you

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97 - I'm pretty sure you would probably go to jail. So therefore you would have find a really good lawyer, and also now hire someone to look after the cat. So in actuality, the cat would actually mean more time and money.

mduffy08 8

108 - what the **** are you babbling about? There is no humane way to kill something. What are you going to do, strap it down and give it lethal injection?

Your cat is used to it; now make him used to sleeping somewhere else. Not your room.

He'd probably be even more mad. You would be invading his territory.

BrookeyLynnie 2

My mom has peed in my cats litter box -_-