By xXWhiteSheepXx - 08/04/2016 02:28 - United States - Omaha

Today, my cat likes to share my pillow at night. I guess she was extra comfortable last night, because she didn't bother getting off it to hack up a hairball. I woke up because I rolled my face onto it. FML
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Cats seem like fun. Sometimes I think I want one, but then I read the cat-related FMLs. XD

Ew. That's a bit of a hairy situation.


Cats seem like fun. Sometimes I think I want one, but then I read the cat-related FMLs. XD

I too would love to own devil spawn.

Cats are great. But there are little moments where you question yourself why you have a cat. One of my cats likes to lie on top of me with his head as close to my face as possible. Really sucks when he has to hack up a hairball.

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my cat likes to lay on my face and wont move and if I try and move him he just jumps right back.. cats are weird..

MikaykayUnicorn 36

Cats are assholes. Mine pretends to be your friend so she can scratch the shit out of your hand until you're bleeding in 8 different places. She also likes to drink out of people's glasses by sticking her paw into the glass and licking it, and she will grab a piece of food off your plate with her teeth and run away with it. She also likes to leave dead mice right beside my bed.

Not all cats are bad. The only problem I have with mine is that she has a tendancy scratch me when she suddenly jumps off me. I think it's because when my parents declawed her front paws it's made her a little more wary, so she keepa them out at all times for protection. But she's a very sweet and loving cat, and though it's very exasperating when it happens, I know she doesn't do it on purpose.

One of my friends has one who likes to lie down on her arm while she's trying to type. She tells me every time it happens, mostly because having a cat on your arm seems to make typing a wee bit challenging.

Oh I know they're not all bad. I still would very much like to have one. But I like to joke that they're evil as much as the next person.

Lol I've met my fair share of evil cats. My mom had one named Lucy, which was perfect because to me it was short for Lucifer.

One of my friends had a teacher whose cat once divebombed his head from on top of the fridge, and all because he gently pushed it out of his way while walking down a hallway in his house.

Oh, boy. I'd hurl immediately.

Ew. That's a bit of a hairy situation.

Must been one hairy situation

Pets are the best and the worst ever. My dog likes to share our bed and just farts all night. Why?!

I like how you said share our bed :)

Oh wow that must've been fun.

Sounds like a cat-astrophe

At least it wasn't poo

I know how this feels, except I woke up in the middle of her hacking it up right next to my ear. Cats are gross man