By Anonymous - 24/7/2021 15:01 - United States - Steele

Sensory overload

Today, I visited my brother, and noticed that my 17 year-old nephew was being unusually cold and grumpy; a sign that he's having sensory overload. Because his parents are so loud, I knew they were responsible. When I confronted them, they responded by yelling at me and grounding him. Sorry, nephew, I tried. FML
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  Plop  |  14

Sad is when adults don't understand jokes. Sensory overload is a fairly self-explanatory, basic English phrase, so thanks for the explanation, but I'd hope it totally unnecessary.

And since some people seem to need the obvious to be stated: yes, the OP was right to intervene. Yes, her nephew's life sucks. And yes, his parents are absolute cretins.