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So you've surrounded yourself with animals you did not bother to train - that's your fault. As for the boyfriend, you've chosen to complain about the snoring instead of getting him to reposition or getting him checked out to see what's causing the snoring - again, your fault. Either buy some ear plugs or get used to the noise.


#4 that's horrible OP, beat solution is to tape you dog mouth, trim you cats nails and clip you BF nose :)

You should have his snoring looked at. I think there are effective treatments for that nowadays. I think you'll have to train your pets better, or have the dogs sleep inside or something.


Yes, my pic is in fact the In Flames Jesterhead. Particularly because In Flames is the shit.

A whole 3 hours? Consider yourself lucky, my friend. Also, shame on you for having cats. They are agents of Satan.

Get your boyfriend some Breathe-Rite strips or replace him with a guy who has well-behaved pets. And take massive doses of Nyquil.


No, but it does smell like a tiresomely old joke. Yeah, that's right, I said it. Wanna fight?

get of of those bark of things or even better, a collar that zaps the sh*t out of him (could be used for the boyfriend or dog....)

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