By Fatty - 27/12/2009 07:15 - United States

Today, the guy I've had a crush on came over to my house. My Dad came in to see how we we're doing, looks at me and says "Man... You've REALLY been puttin' on the pounds!", pokes me in the stomach a few times, and leaves. FML
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It's your dads job to make sure your never having sex in your life.

corndog45 0

lol i am sorry


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lol i am sorry

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why are people so mean to put ydi? this is obiviously fml beacuase she didn't deserve the embarassment of that so why are people putting ydi?

No one has put YDI for this.

conscious-and-not-random-whatsoever-cockblock ftl.

Why is it FTL. Maybe you meant to say "FTF".

It's your dads job to make sure your never having sex in your life.

whoa there bit prejudiced? and i agree completely with number 3, unless you're actually a guy

THIS IS SO FAKE! look at the two above it! both from washington one is 1 hour apart the other is 1 minute also look at the names it's all one worded adjectives.

I could use this if I have a daughter nice!!!

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Good luck passing on the family genes when your daughtor is a drugged out hooker with daddy issues by the time she's 20...

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Wow, that sucks. Did the guy react in a mean way?


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LMAO I love your dad.

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Agreed, the man's a god.

He truly is a hero (not an)

LOL. Awesome.

lmao! He probably didn't want cha to hook up with the guy =3