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I'm a massive drama queen.
Ohhh my lord ohhhhh ohhhhh the tick..OHHHHHHHH tickets...-puts hand on forhead- he he took ooohhhhhhhh. - starts crying- poor poor OP. shes not at fau- ohhhhhhhhhhohohooo.

  xoconnie  |  8

Dude the comment has to be better than "oh boy" or you will get thumbed down.

OP it looks like you probably had a lot of explaining to do.. If any other passengers saw the fight though use them as witnesses when you are telling the inspectors what happened.

By  kdawgone  |  9

Your boyfriend decided to start an will get no sympathy here. By stating he "decided to start an argument" instead of saying "we got into an argument:" I know right away you were at fault as well, if not completely at fault.