By Anonymous - 30/09/2011 12:52 - Australia

Today, my younger brother brought home his new bagpipes. My older brother plays the drums. I'm currently preparing to sit the most important exams of my schooling life. FML
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Go to the library? or somewhere quiet?

megapeyt 17

Noise canceling headphones. They solve everything.


Go to the library? or somewhere quiet?

Or shoot your siblings... That's pretty reasonable right??

Your brothers are going to be re founders of the next AC/DC and you're going to balance their books. I don't see how you lose.

enonymous 8

This is going to be the most Incredible Band EVER. I've got my Ukalale ready man.. LETS ROCK IT

flockz 19

fuck that im bringing my triangle.

enonymous 8

Now we just need the Cowbell musician

I've got a fever...

The SAT?

drawmesunshine 17

How 'bout a little theremin? Oh yeah!

I've got a kazoo!

I don't know about the cowbell, but I play a mean goat bell.

you know #58, it may come as a shock to you, but there are other exams in this world other than the SAT, and other countries other than America. Just sayin...

Who the hell plays bagpipes???

25 - "I need more cowbell!" I love that SNL skit

63, amen to that. It is probably the HSC if OP is in year 12, the final exam one does at high school in Australia for anyone wondering.

rallets 22

"most important exams of your schooling life?" dude, chill out

#63. Australia isn't in America.

Yeah I'd go to a park somewhere nice. Relax and study. Or just ask them nicely. You never know

Never know what? The mean of applesauce.

The meaning of crispy bacon?

Study to the bagpipes they are fun and loud like your mother on your dad, to put a weird picture in your head. :)

megapeyt 17

Noise canceling headphones. They solve everything.

So do libraries in this situation

You can do everything suggested above. Or get your brothers to practie somewhere else. I'm sure they'll understand.

perdix 29

Get our your didgeridoo and rock out with your bros! Family is more important than any stupid grades.

tylersign 11

Drums and bagpipes. Interesting music to rock out to.

perdix 29

I went to my local Highland Games. There, I heard a rock band with a bagpipe. That was great. Too bad Big Country never got the recognition they deserved. By the way, haggis sucks. If you eat that, you might as well go ahead and look at the Blue Waffle.

Perdix just got some -'s? What's wrong with you people

#36. You didn't eat it on your own did you? O_o. You're supposed to eat it with neeps (turnip) and tatties (potato, better if it's mashed). Also carrot mixed in with the turnip. That's what burns supper is. You don't eat Haggis on it's own :L. source: I'm Scottish.

#36: You didn't eat Haggis on it's own did you? O_o. You're supposed to mix it in with neeps (turnip), carrot, and mashed tatties (potato). That's what burns supper is. But yeah, don't eat it on it's own :L. Source: I'm Scottish. Edit; my comment above never went through first time >.>. It came through the system after I posted this one.

just talk to them, they'd probably understand. or study elsewhere

Go study somewhere else. Problem solved.

mistersheezy 7

Go study at one of your friends' house.

NoNotTheFace 8

Kick your younger brother's bagpipes. If you know what I mean. Rub your nutsack on your older brother's drumset. I'M GONNA RUB MY NUTSACK ON YOUR DRUMSET. If you get the reference then you win at life.

yamatelle 19

"I tea-bagged your drum set" "You have the voice of an angel. Your voice is like a combination of Fergie and Jesus." I love Step Brothers

chickenwalrus 14


"I can sing the 80s and the 90s, its like masterbating in a time machine."

TylerOMFG 7

Why are you so sweaty? I was watching cops. LMFAO

showdaddy46 0

Well my drumset is a he so that makes you gay. He had the craziest look in his eye. There is blood everywhere!

For the record, jokes/references are a lot funnier if you don't ask everyone if they get it afterwards

HelloCaleb 4

step bros:(

sweettpie129 11

Oh Step Brothers best movie ever!

Taking the Os?