By NotTellingYouMyName - 28/11/2013 06:26 - United States - South Salem

Today, with my name sounding vaguely like 'Turkey' and being in the phonebook for business purposes, people keep calling, offering to stuff me for Thanksgiving. FML
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I honestly saw a guy named Mickey Mouse in my local phonebook. You could have it a lot worse.

Don't chicken out and remove your number!


Do they say "Pun intended"?

No they say "May I stuff you for Thanksgiving...." them the next 3 minutes is heavy breathing and the faint sound of someone scratching their belly.

Don't chicken out and remove your number!

Just respond with your best turkey impression instead

Make gobbling noises until they hang up out of fear. This year the turkeys will win.

OP, don't listen to these guys or they'll ask to baste you next.

"Yes, hi, I'd like to order you stuffed, please?"

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OP should tell them to go stuff themselves.

8313girl 28

You poor soul. Does this happen to you every year? Yeah you gotta jump on getting your name out of the phone book before someone else calls and asks if they can inject you with their flavor.

OP said she's in the phone book "for business purposes" removing her name and number would probably hurt her business.

I honestly saw a guy named Mickey Mouse in my local phonebook. You could have it a lot worse.

He probably changed that himself though.

Some parents are just cruel. Especially celebrity parents.

Hey don't be jealous!

Missyeru 14

My next door neighbors are Betty and Charlie Brown. Peanut jokes for days

duma191 21

i knew a guy named Charlie Brown.

There is a kid at the local city school near me. His name is pronounced "sha-theed." It's spelled shithead... sometimes parents are bastards.

I can imagine how a sub would pronounce his name.


When I was a teen, there was an OB/GYN in my town named Dr. Harry Beaver.

There was a kid from my high school named Ka-Ching it was pretty hilarious, not sure if thats how he spelled it, though.

@56- probably with a lot of $'s.

I went to high school with a girl named Cherry Pitts and a guy named Chip Mounke

You look like you'd be one of the guys calling her.

And you look like a Smurf.

Yeah, that made no sense to me...

And I am an idiot.

You are a dickwad 82

AlaskanG calls me a pervert and I'm a dickwad. Yea. That's a logical conclusion.

Wow that sucks. But always nice to have a laugh.

DenBriZel 31

I apologize for laughing at your pain.

Accept the offer. You might be going places my friend ;)

Like the dinner table.

The both of your pictures fit together perfectly.

Yeah and I'm Turkish, so I know how you feel OP.

Rainhawk94 27

Not really

Loving OP's name... please tell us!?

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Mulva .... Anyone?