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Today, it's the last night before a concert. Today is also the day my brother pawned my clarinet for drug money. FML
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He probably can't help it depending on what drugs he's on

If it was my family they'd be getting help, one way or another.

#65 I don't care what the **** he's on. It's his fault for taking those drugs the first time and needs to give OP his clarinet back somehow. If he really wants to change, he can admit he has a problem and get help since there's many programs for that.

Personally, knowing how band is, I would've flipped to the point where they would need drugs to get rid of the pain they're in. Clarinets ain't cheap.

I feel like this is something my brother may have done in high school

I don't understand how the people who use this site vote on things. How is this comment -12? You people down vote everything.

there is nothing vital about votes so relax and take it easy.... No need to get upset :)

Well, people here usually up vote a comment if it: -Has humor and clever wordplay -Gives good advice -Is relatable Just to name a few. Then again, FML doesn't really have any logic. It's either we like your comment or we don't, I guess.

I couldn't edit my last comment to add this additional thought but here's another thing: And people usually down vote if: -It's irrelevant and/or pointless -Has terrible grammar -Or a failed attempt at humor. But like I said, there probably isn't any logic behind why people up or down vote things.

Do you think he'd have anything of his if he moved onto his sisters stuff?

You don't know. He might have a lot of good stuff that he didn't want to sell

Maybe. Or maybe all his "good stuff" is worth diddly squat. Probably why he pawned the clarinet off.

So what is the street value of clarinets these days? sorry op, that sucks

Probably a shit ton more than a recorder.

They vary from brand-to-brand and quality-to-quality. Plastic student models in perfect or new condition can range from about $200-$600. Used plastic ones in poor condition usually go for $125 and far lower. Used wood clarinets without any serious damage usually go from the low $100's-$1000+ depending on the brand. Brand new wood clarinets of more expensive brands, such as Buffet, Selmer, and Leblanc can range from around $2000 upwards to $8000+. Perfect working metal clarinets, especially ones made of sterling, can be valued at over $1000. Trashed metal clarinets generally are worth no more than $50.

I've never seen a good, metal clarinet. Bravo! You know your stuff! I doubt he got a good price for it though... Desperate for drug money, he probably took the first offer from the shop.

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Clarinets are pretty expensive. Mine cost almost 3,000$

After my house burned, my band director bought me a brand new Leblanc clarinet. It was $2,500, and he paid for it himself. I cried when I found out, because he bought it to replace my cheap plastic one.

#52 - I teared up when I read your story. Some people are just amazing.

Unfortunately he probably got a horrible deal on it because he was desperate to sell it and probably took the first offer, plus the guy buying it would see his desperation and probably lowball him knowing he would take any offer he could just to get the money for drugs. Sad really.

That's when I'd get so mad I'd drag him down to rehab after punching him a few times. When your problem gets so bad that you start stealing other people's stuff, you really need help.

I'd probably do the same. But know my temper issues I'd probably go so far as tracking the drug kingpin and call the cops on him

This one need a follow up on what you ended up doing. I'm going to be voting for the pro air clarinet performance, complete with a solo.

Ask the band director for a loaner. I'm sure that they have one. But that sucks OP, you should get a lock on your room door if your brother is going to pawn your stuff off.