By Pukey - 28/03/2015 21:30 - United States

Today, my older brother puked in the sound hole of my sister's guitar. He blamed it on me, and in revenge my sister beat me with the guitar. FML
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Hope the guitar didn't spill puke all over you


Hope the guitar didn't spill puke all over you

MrBoredomioo 18

What on earth possessed him to that? And it sucks you got the blame. Hope you didn't get covered in puke (or injured, for that matter).

I think we all know what you need to do to your older brother now...

JMichael 25

It's simple. Kill The Batman.

no, kill the black guy.. the black guy always dies first.. lol

Wow, how quick people judge situations.

I'm surprised this app isnt like iFunny where the top comments are funny.. I hope you guys know that a lot of these incidents are made up.

Orrrrr you could not use this app and not enjoy the stories and comments, funny or not.

See a guitar you like? Try it out! Take your puke! No pick! Take your pick! Not take a puke. Too late. Never mind

Hope you don't got injured..seems like ur brother is pathological lier and sister has anger issues..both needs to be adressed...