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Today, three days before I take my bar exam, the biggest exam of my life, I got my monthly. And I get to bring my belongings in a clear plastic bag so the world knows. FML
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It happens. Don't let it distract you from doing well on the BAR.

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It's still embarrassing. I'm sure you wouldn't want someone to know you were on your period. Although it isn't new, it's still a personal matter.


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XTheDesertSongX 17

It's still embarrassing. I'm sure you wouldn't want someone to know you were on your period. Although it isn't new, it's still a personal matter.

I guess I could see being embarrassed by it. I wouldn't care personally, when it comes to the BAR you need to give that all your focus. Could you just use a tampon right before you go in and then change it as soon as you're out?

Different people just have different personalities, relationships with society and feellings towards their privacy. I don't find it hard to understand people who are timid or who don't like sharing their private lives. It might be something mundane, but it's important to them. Some people are just anxious in public. I also understand those that don't mind sharing or don't care what others think/embrace the things they do. I just don't get people who don't get that.

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Personally, things like my period don't really embarrass me. My friends know when I'm on it and I'm not shy about it. However, if it's someone I barely know or someone I don't know at all, I do get embarrassed. They don't need to know that stuff. So it makes sense for op to feel that way.

I never really understood the stigma shrouding periods. Why be embarrassed over something you can't help or control, & that every girl gets. Just walk in there like a boss & own your exam. "I'M ON MY PERIOD. AND WUT."

the only embarrassing factor was when I was 15, my 17 yr old boyfriend found a pair of stained panties and said "don't worry, my brother shit his pants too."

44, because you are in the exam all day for multiple days.

"The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth" usually doesn't include the fact you're on your period..

Thankfully, if you can afford birth control, things like periods you can control and I'm so glad for that. Feeling sucky having a period would make taking an important exam all that much harder.

120, Not all women can control their periods with birth control. And price isn't always a factor in using BC. Some women don't want or can't tolerate the hormones.

Just because the world knows about periods, no girl likes the world to know they're on theirs..

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142, if you are replying to the first comment, then you are wrong. Not every girl gets a period. The most obvious examples are prepubescent girls and women past menopause. Please think a little before you correct someone. If you were replying to someone else, then never mind, but you might make that more clear in the future

#149 Most trans women do not get periods either

most women with PCOS either don't get periods or very rarely get one. I usually only have one maybe two a year.

Personally I don't see how OP deserved this in any way. No one deserves to bleed out of their genitals every month with weird cravings and hormonal mood swings. Just cause every girl gets their period doesn't mean it's not difficult to deal with especially during stressful times such as BAR exams. Just cause she's becoming a lawyer doesn't mean she can't personally worry about her period and her body. Periods can heighten stress, cause fatigue, cramps (again) , and just mess you up in all sorts of ways and having really important exams while on your period is difficult. Maybe some of you can deal with it but no one is the same, so some other people obviously can't. Before you judge and get completely insensitive about shit remember not everyone has the same body or tolerance as yourself.

124: Right, so when bc pills can control or mostly eliminate periods for those who want that it's a blessing. And yes, price can still be a factor for some as it is for me.

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What? Most girls get it? EVERY girl gets it. You say it like it's not a part of life.

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They really can't it all depends on how the hormones interact with your body. I went on the pill to control my cycle and had to change pills three times, one caused non stop bleeding for 3 months, one caused severe headaches and vomiting to the point where I wasn't eating for the entire three month trial period and the other makes my cycle disappear for months on end and then pop up when it feels like it.

I don't understand why anyone would down vote #154's completely true statement about transwomen.

120, I was put on birth control for my periods, and I wound up having one FOR SEVEN MONTHS STRAIGHT. The doctor said there was nothing she could do. even now, four years after the shot, my periods are still messed up and uncontrollable with ANY form of birth control.

I agree with 85. But if it still bothers you, remember that discretion is an essential skill for a lawyer. Put your tampon in a coin purse, and put that in your plastic baggie.

Geez, #1, you had zero call to be so rude. Chances are she doesn't care nearly as much as you assume her to and just wanted to post it on FML. You need to calm down.

Lol I'm not un-calm. I just think it's stupid to worry about something that is a clear fact of life for most of us gals when she should be focused more on the crazy hard exam looming ahead!

It's not embarrassing or personal at all, it's a part of a girl growing up and every girl gets it so it's not a embarrassing or personal thing if everyone knows you get it :p

It happens. Don't let it distract you from doing well on the BAR.

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Unless your a female then you know it's embarrassing. If u r a female you are way to comfortable with that

Don't be a jackass. Unless you experience it yourself, you have no place to say anything. Even if you do experience it, it's still unnecessary.

#33 please, my head hurts from your ignorance.

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At least everyone will know not to anger you. Good luck op!!!

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nah I thought it was an exam to be a bartender

Look, I'm not gonna lie: I didn't know what it was specifically, either. But, I took the liberty of looking it up myself privately, rather than letting FML know that I don't know it and expect them to answer my question for me. Next time, look it up on your own accord, and I'm meaning this in a constructive manner. :)

"Bitches Against the Ragtime" Hence the reason she is embarrassed. Seriously, you are online and can google in 5 seconds. FML is not a dictionary or the public library. Look it up. There is always time to learn something new each and every day.

I laughed WAY too hard at "Bitches Against Ragtime" LOVE IT! lol

Wow sig4life, I hope you don't have kids... People ask questions so they can learn. Yeah he could have just looked it up, but there's nothing wrong with asking someone somewhere else. Just answer it or don't and move on. Don't criticize someone for not relying on google for everything.

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SmokinGuns, kids I completely understand, but we are in a forum dedicated to commenting on how ****** up life is. Not a lot of children here. Sooner or later people need to learn that if they take just a couple of minutes and look stuff up, the might learn something. What happens if he/she asks something else, gets the wrong answer but goes with it. They will look like a complete moron or idiot. It only takes a couple minutes to learn something new, versus asking a bunch of faceless people on line. That is my only point.

Sig4life, be prepared for more kids on here then. Pics of this site has been put on Facebook, be prepared. lol.

Well this is going to get interesting.

That sucks, OP! Hopefully they'll be mature enough to understand it's something to be expected and it's only natural. I had to do the same and my coworker bought me chocolate to make the experience less painful to remember.(:

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Every one know what a pad and tampon look like no big deal'

I was actually going to suggest the same thing. Less worry about having to leave to use the restroom during the exam on top of more privacy.

No, 34. What's disgusting is the ignorance surrounding the use of a downright awesome alternative to tampons. Cups are body safe; and once you're past the learning curve, a lot less "gross" than tampons or pads. Your period essentially becomes non-existent short of the 5 minutes it takes each day to change and clean the cup. Aside from that, they're not any larger than a super tampon used to capacity, a standard sex toy, or a penis. Using cups is a choice- but that should be an informed decision. Calling cups "disgusting" only adds to the ignorance surrounding them. It's uncalled for.

Where are these cups sold? I've never seen one.

67, I've seen them for sale at Target, and at Walgreens :)

You can get them at any pharmacy as well. They are located next to the tampons and pads.

Whole/natural food stores usually have them too. However, it should be noted that not all brands are the same size, so some smaller/shallower women can't use some of the bigger brands (diva cup is a commonly sold US brand that is on the larger side for example.) There are dozens of brands of all sizes (some as small as the light tampons when folded up) online from all over the world. Most brands have two or more sizes to choose from as well!

I thought I'd add, I personally like meluna brand. They have all different sizes, widths, stems (the part you use to pull it out with,) shapes, and even softnesses! Their smallest one is tiny! Only downside is that I had to get them from Germany.

The best bet to look for a cup is online- start by googling and check out a few brands. As another commenter mentioned, Meluna rocks- it is a nice starter brand. Be careful not to pick up the Instead cups that most stores carry- these work great for some women, but are much different then the reusable cups I was referencing. Happy searching! :)

If insteads a work for anyone, they now make ones that are made for re-using through one full cycle instead of disposing every time. They are more environmentally friendly than the one time use ones, but might make some women feel less icky about re-using the same cup for a year or more. So if you are hesitant to try the silicone/rubber/plastic menstrual cups, perhaps try some single use or reusable insteads and see how they work for you. You can still use them for longer than tampons too, and even use them during period sex to help keep less messy!

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Especially being surrounded by future "bloodsucking lawyers".

aw. its natural! No worries. You won't be the first I'm sure. Good luck!!

It's a period get over it. You are taking the BAR exam you would think there are more important thing to worry about than somebody seeing your tampons.

I'm sure OP is mature but I don't think you want everyone knowing you are on your period. It's uncomfortable.

OP should try working at a prison. My tampons are in my clear bag, along with my snacks, medication, drinks, and book. They also know when I'm wearing an underwire bra thanks to the metal detector. In fact, as a lawyer, she'll have to go through that at prisons and courthouses all the time, so she'd best get used to it.

#43 obviously she isn't that mature if she is so upset about it that she had to post it on the Internet for everyone to see, a little contradictory don't you think?