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Today, I found out that I have a gluten allergy. What this basically means is that I can't eat anything with wheat in it; bread, pasta, cake, you name it. I am Italian, this basically limits me from eating any of the awesome food my family makes almost every night. Here I come plain rice. FML
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There are gluten free flours out there -not at good as the real thing but still work-able. it's awful at first but eventually you learn to adapt and barely even notice the difference.

I've got that too ;( Believe me that sucks!


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I feel bad for you:(

hmmm... that sucks

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my sister was allergic to wheat. they actually have very tasty glutten free pasta now.

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that sucks, totally and completely. I would die! I loveeeee carbs. FYL, op :(

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replace you family with an Asian family. bring on rice based meals and stir frys.

Well if op chooses to indulge and eat wheat, I guess that would make her a gluten for punishment.

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extra fyl that it impacts your family gatherings. italian culture seems to revolve around meals.

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mama mia, thats a spicy meata ball!!

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It's not so bad. My daughter is diabetic and has gluten allergies, they have some really good gluten free products out there. The pasta is even good, we all eat it. Good luck.

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Well you can still eat bread, pasta, and cake. You just have to use GF pasta or flour mixes. Having a gluten allergy isn't as bad as it used to be, there is a lot more products now that are labeled GF than there were a couple years ago. Plus, if your family is really big into cooking then have them make a GF dish for you, they might enjoy it. I know I now prefer GF pizza and bread over regular pizza and bread, since my boyfriend has a gluten intolerance. Oh, be careful of cross contamination too :)

43 i didnt lol, but i definently chuckled. good work haha

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being allergic to gluten doesnt have to limit you in your food choices. i have the same allergy and they make all kinds of gluten free pasta's, breads, and desserts. they even have a lot of pre packaged things as well. or you could get creative and make your own food. its not that hard once you get used to it. making the adjustment takes some getting used to, but being gluten free doesnt have to be a prison sentence.

stop bitching, I am allergic to gluten to, it really isn't bad at all, taste wise. it also helps you lose wright and feel alot better, mentally and physically. I'm actually glad I am bc I feel so much better than how I used to feel eating proccesed bad food.

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I f-ing love rice...don't worry it'll make u more asian

can I have a slice of your birthday rice

I'm allergic to fruit, yes fruit, ALL. sure my throat swells up, but the taste is irresistible. And they're still my favorite food <3

Is your daughter a Type 1 Diabetic? Because if so, I am in the same boat. I'm living with both.

I've got that too ;( Believe me that sucks!

they make gluten free pasta and ALOT of other foods ( my cousins gluten free )

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63 is right, I work at a camp as a cook and sometimes we get gluten allergic kids who bring their own food, there are tons of foods you can eat now.

rice isn't that bad. S.E.A people eat rice all the time

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you think that's bad? I have acid reflux and am Indian. they don't make non-spicy indian food... I have to take my medicine each morning and if I even so much as drink half a cup of coffee, I start having heart burn really bad. what's even worse? Im a premed, therefore long study sessions spiked on coffee is my life. I just suck it up. :( I feel your pain though.

a old lady at my job has that she gets special bread and pizza made for her. but its all hard as a rock :( im sorry

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Celiac diseas. That sucks. There are lots of yummy substitutes these days though :)

go mexican status and eat corn tortillas beans and burritos

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this is true

It is true! A friend of mine has Celiac and we've found lots of awesome recipes for bread, cake, name it. It's a pain, OP, but you do have some yummy alternatives ^_^

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sad:( Id hate not being able to eat the foods I love:/

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It's not that bad. I have celiac disease and eventually you get used to it. I still consider wheat to be my #1 nemesis though. =D

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omg I love pasta and cake FYL :(

There are gluten free flours out there -not at good as the real thing but still work-able. it's awful at first but eventually you learn to adapt and barely even notice the difference.

esattamente , ormai esistono un sacco di cose senza glutine, vedrai che dopo un po' ti ci abitui e non faranno più così schifo!

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oh man, bummer.

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Glutenfree pasta exists and you can make your own glutenfree bread and cake. There are worse allergies out there, like photodermatitis or allergy to water.. Imagine having to choose between painful reactions or being clean, now that's a FML.

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I saw a show on that once. The women couldn't even touch her son because of the moisture in his skin caused her to brake out in a rash. it was so sad:/

#11 you can't be allergic to water...

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Yes you can, 78.

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11 - I agree with you, gluten intolerance can be very uncomfortable, but when compared to other type of allergies, it's not a big deal. Water allergy and photodermatitis are definitely worse, I should know that, I had photodermatitis and the treatment was awful.

78 is correct, you can't be allergic to water because it doesn't contain any protein, you CAN be extremely sensitive to it causing a reaction, just not an allergic one.

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117 - FOOD allergies are caused by the proteins found in food, but allergies can be caused by many types of allergenes, not just proteins. In the case of water, it's not a histamine releasing allergic reaction, and although it's more of a hypersensitivity to the ions in non-distilled water, it is often described as an allergy.

Which as you know is wrong to describe it as an allergy, we should spread the word so those who incorrectly identify something as an allergy and not as a sensitivity or intolerance don't make the mistake... you basically said I was wrong because I was right...?

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No, I didn't say you were wrong 'cause you were right, I didn't even mention the word 'wrong'. I was merely stating that not every allergen is a protein. Like I mentioned before, I had photodermatitis, which is an allergic reaction to light, not to a protein. What I wrote about hypersensitivity to water was just to help clarify what you said, 'cause the comment you made about the proteins was not exactly right.

I break out in little red dots sometimes when I shower. What would you call that if it's not an allergy?

Well, at least you still get steak, most tortillas, some ice cream, candy, soda, juice, fruit, etc. Your glass is actually like 90% full in this case, friend. And I forgot to mention that you still get one of the greatest foods ever made: cheeseburgers. Just order them with one of those fancy lettuce wrappings instead of a bun. If anybody has great foods that are gluten free, post them. Let's help this person out :D .

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kidney beans

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meats, eggs, cheese, veggies, potatoes, yogurt... I'm sure it sucks, especially if your family is big on wheat, but things are not so bad these days, and there are a ton of foods that you can eat, not just rice, and you don't have to eat the rice plain...there are plenty of butter/margarine options, any spices/salt/pepper, you can add veggies or meat... even if your family members won't adjust their cooking, which would suck, you can still easily make gluten-free meals

that sucks :( i have a sugar allergy and a wheat allergy so i feel for u :(

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Oh my gosh! *hugs* I can't function without sugar, and I love wheat... I feel bad for you. :( *super hugs* <_<

That really sucks, I couldn't live without sugar or wheat. Hmm... Hugs! *hugs*