By happymum - 30/09/2011 11:10 - Netherlands

Today, I lost my watch at the pool. After giving a detailed description of it at the desk, I was really happy to hear someone had found it and handed it in. Too bad I was too late, because someone had already claimed it. FML
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The new generation has no class... I'm ashamed to be part of them -__-


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I do feel bad for you, people stealing stuff is just wrong. But since this is FML I must laugh at you.

OP, think of it this way, karma is going to come back around and bite whoever stole it on the ass 10x harder.

24, when something miserable happens to you, I'll be right there to obnoxiously laugh as loud as I can in your ******* ears and face to remind you how much shit sucks, k? Love you (:

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Wait it's the Netherlands? Nigel Powers was right... Never Trust the Dutch.

33- Who's the girl in all of your pictures?

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33, sounds good. But isnt it what this site is about? Getting quick laughs out of someones misfortune?

37- It's a new one in each picture. 38- Yes, sometimes. I tend not to find FML's to be nearly as funny as some of the ridiculous shit people say in the comments, however.

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That thief is hands down, the worst thief there is. I apologize for our generation's alarming, wristy behaviors. When you find him/her don't give them a second chance, turn them in. It was crystal clear to him/her that it wasn't his watch. Don't worry, OP, time will serve him/her right.

Eh... I'll give you a 6.5 out of 10 for those puns.

Sucks because I just bought a new watch. Time wont serve him, karma will.

Yeah, and I'll do the same to you, since this is the meaning of this site.

33- If OP didn't want to be laughed at, I don't think he would have posted this on FML. FML is supposed to be for entertainment; however, this FML wasn't funny, so I can't really blame you for not laughing.

Omg wth i wrote maggots and they change it to people... Stupid FML MAGGOTS!!

77, so she looked at your dick, then said 'that's a blast from the past'? She probably meant the day you were born or something.

No. The guy cumed on her face, and she said, "that's a blast from the past." How hard was that?

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This Op is why we cannot have nice things

Well... At least you didn't lose your phone or wallet!

What if it was a Rolex? I would rather lose my phone or wallet.

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Then it's OPs fault for losing a Rolex. Things happen, but would you really wear a $10,000 watch to the pool?

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You mean Catherine Obvious? (If you don't know what this is from, you're a disappointment to life itself)

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#68 I feel like a disappoint meant in life for knowing where that's from

Ask for security tapes and hunt the person down.

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Is it not waterproof, why remove it at the pool?

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When did she say it's not waterproof?

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The OP could have removed it so she wouldn't get a tanline around her wrist.(:

She could've put it in a locker or something. I'm guessing its water proof, the wrist thingy probably just snapped or something.

For some reason this will get alot thumbs down.

When I was a kid, I always wondered if that actually happened.