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Today, my elderly neighbor along with our community church's priest came to my house and demanded to "give them the girl". The girl is my 3-year-old daughter, who has natural born red irises and is photo-sensitive. And yes, we are also Romanian. FML
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Some people are just crazy, don't mind them. I'm sure your daughter is beautiful.

VengeanceChicken 12

Just slowly close the door and whisper "Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnneeeeee...."


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19, oops I didn't realize that I would get taken seriously, on either comment. Just jokes in poor taste.

Because #13 needs documentation that says "stay 200 feet away from Chuck E Cheese".

Chuck E Cheese has always scared the shit out of me.

While a lawsuit shouldn't be the first step, it may not be a bad idea to at least place harassment charges and get a restraining order if they keep up their uneducated antics.

She can also dress her daughter in black victorian-style clothes, put some fake blood in the corners of her lips and make her say "mommy I'm still hungry" when they come back.

SailorSolaris 43

That would be an epic prank! I love the idea!

Some people are just crazy, don't mind them. I'm sure your daughter is beautiful.

caohm 18

give them all red eyes with a can full a mace.

It has nothing to do with beauty but the fact that they think she's a vampire...

ThatFancyPenn 18

I'm fairly certain that "vampire" has nothing to do with this. Seeing as it is a church, I would assume they think that OP's daughter is the spawn of Satan.

Let's see. They referenced being Romanian, they mentioned the red iris, and they mentioned her sensitivity to light sources. That about sum it up?

ThatFancyPenn 18

Actually I take that back. To late to delete my comment :(

buttcramp 21

hell yeah, and you should educate your community. put up flyers with websites that show information about your daughter's condition.

Red irises? That's pretty badass, OP. I hope people realize they're being ridiculous and I hope your daughter knows she's beautiful.

I wish I could have red irises that sounds delightful

#190, true, but the photo-sensitivity is.

I think the issue is less that the daughter is beautiful and more that OP needs to call the cops and report an attempted kidnapping.

Well at least the church doesn't have the power to actually take her away.

It might not stop them from trying. Get a restraining order.

All it takes is one abusive, and very religious cop to pick up the phone when she calls, and then she's got even more trouble on her hands

Qwermy 16

well being that this is not 1637, and in a country where the Church is explicitly denied control of the state...

wow, red irises? thats really cool! they probably think she's the antichrist or something ridiculous like that because of it though.

I agree - red irises sound beautiful in a unique way. I've never seen that; I hope I do someday.

ThatFancyPenn 18

Some odd form off heterochromia. I've never heard of red irises just amix of the usual colors.

Heterochromia means there are multiple colors, and red is only one color... It's actually just a lack of pigment, if I remember correctly. Along with the photo sensitivity I'm guessing she's albino?

I have a friend who oddly/rarely enough has naturally purple eyes. It's so cool, everyone thinks she's wearing contacts.

I think they might think she's a vampire.. Romania is the land of vampires (I should know. I am one ;) )

Red eye pigment is actually just an extremely rare recessive trait which like in most cases, would dominate over a blue eye dominant due to its darker pigmentation, the photo-sensitivity on the other hand could be a result of being albino.

Ali_Br_fml 33

And the irises appear red because her irises have little or no pigmentation, and we're seeing the blood vessels. She's light sensitive, because he skin and eyes don't have enough pigmentation to protect her skin or eyes from the damaging rays of sunlight. She is an albino.

skyeyez9 24

Red irises are not helpful in anyway. Unusual yes, but they lack pigmentation to protect the eyes from the sun's rays. Making them more susceptible to cataracts and even blindness from long term exposure. She will need to wear dark sunglasses and hat outside everyday to protect her eyes.

TheDrifter 23

There is also the recessive brown/red iris. Unlike an albino their eyes have pigment, but in a very reddish shade of brown that looks bright, bright red under fluorescent and many other artificial lights. The photosensitivity suggests either Albinism or one of the photodermotasoe (sp?) group of genetic disorders.

Even if she's not an albino, red eyes are typically sensitive to sunlight in the same way blue eyes are. It's why I have to wear sunglasses whenever I go outside, the sun is always too bright.

bizarre_ftw 21

57 - cool, nice to know it's not so rare the world can't see two purple eyed people, one right after the other. I did wonder, given how Liz Taylor was hyped as the only one and I hadn't heard of any other cases

valentinov 15

#gmian Pentru un vampir, văd că arăți bine. N-ai nici ochi roșii, nici colți, nu ești nici palidă. Cum reușești?

SailorSolaris 43

Blue eyes are actually a recessive trait. Brown eyes are dominant.

I heard that people born with violet eyes also don't tend to grow any hair other that head and eyebrow, and that the females don't have menstrual cycles

168, as a fellow light blue/gray eyed person, I can tell everyone, going outside and looking into sunlight absolutely burns. I used to be walking down the street with my family and just burst into tears and start clutching at my face/covering my eyes.

#38, you've never heard of albinism...? They commonly have pinkish-red irises.

Well considering how they think your daughter's a vampire, it could've been worse-there were no stakes or silver bullets involved

Dammit woman, silver bullets are for werewolves!

In the actual folk lore, silver actually hurts vampires as well.

silver is seen as pure, it can harm all manner of evil. mythologically speaking

Not in the original legends. Silver used to be the blessing of the rich and the curse of the damned

Try watching "Dracula 2000" its explains more then I even though was in the actual myth about the real Dracula. Of course its up to you to believe and its a very nice action movie:).

False. Us Supernatural fans know that the only way to kill a Vampire is to chop off the head.

I think that's a safe way to kill just about everything to make sure it's dead... Maybe not a windigo....

VengeanceChicken 12

Just slowly close the door and whisper "Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnneeeeee...."

simplysarcastics 26

I am loving this! I agree if they come back just mess with them.

simplysarcastics 26

Actually on second thought, these people do not seem okay. Joking would cause them to harrass you even more. They seem like they have their own iffy kind of religion where they aren't listening to God but soley their judgement themselves. K am spiritual (high belief in God' Jesus)and if I saw this in the girl, I would simply be interested (in a my major is biology, this is cool, I hope it does not affect her to much kind of way) and then I would ask about Romania yes I always wanted to know about Romania. Not because of it being a "said" vampiric place but an interesting place! It seems so dark and cold, like out of a video game. ^_^ & shame on them because they believe someone is a deity or is evil because of her eye color. Are they also not believers of science cause none of us made or chose how we look, and genetics, predisposition, mutations and rare things exist. God gave us a little science to explain things, either way they are profiling in so many ways. Sorry for ranting. But its people like this that make religion hard for everyone! How can people come learn about God if they won't be accepted, and treated right.

Or say: "A vampire? My daughter?! No, no she's just a normal demon. Nothing special."

frizz101 22

People in Romania, especially rural areas are extremely superstitious, and they tend to follow "the old way." Even if it's a Christian church, the people would rather rely on superstition and use corrupted logic to use religion to justify their superstition. In this case the bible says to cast out evil, and they think the little girl is evil, so getting rid of the little girl would be, to them, following the bible. I'm religious too, I don't think it's right, but I understand the thought process, but it's hard to change centuries of belief.

No. Say apocalypsis veni est. If they know their latin ( the probably do) they will freak out

Have her pretend to be warded off by crosses and garlic just to mess with them.

If they're crazy religious enough, that could get her killed. Not worth the risk. Kids die way too often from supposed exorcisms, etc.

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