By Anonymous - 10/06/2014 03:30 - United States - Crowley

Today, I found out that my boyfriend paid a guy to tell me he was dead. FML
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Pay a guy to tell him that you know.

In what world is that a good idea??


In what world is that a good idea??

kristabelli 19


Maybe he wanted to see if she would care. Or OPs boyfriend is a dick.

SalviBarbie 15

#1 didn't notice how op said 'payed' instead of paid?

#26 - Or, OP is a psycho overly attached stalker maniac girlfriend.

#62, that is offensive to Mercurians everywhere! ;)

incoherentrmblr 21

#1, when running from the mob and/or government...

#16 Why did u say *paid?

Well if she us a psycho gf then it's one of the best chances he's got. Like, how did she know he paid someone? Possibly by flipping out at the paid guy?

in opposite world...

kristabelli 19

They had it spelled "payed" originally. I felt an uncontrollable urge to correct it. (Sometimes I can't help myself.)

Pay a guy to tell him that you know.

Demig0d6 14

Death not very nice

schhichick 14

Or pay a guy to tell him he is not getting out that easy

or you could just him yourself and then use the money you saved to buy a burger

Kill him so you can make his dream ops reality.

schhichick 14

Your idea is much better! mm burgers(:

Send an E-Card from am anonymous email and block her number/email from your own devices. Done.

toxic_walrus 15

Well that's mature

Why? And how could he possibly think he could get away with this? I'm sorry op.

Wow...was it a joke? Or did he really want you to think he was dead?

Respect101 17

I'm going to go out on a limb and say he wanted her to think so, because he paid someone. If I were to do it as a prank I wouldn't pay someone. I would find someone willing to do it for free. Unless you have a ton of money to throw around.

If he wanted to break up with you, there are better ways. Ways that don't cost money.

I hate that most guys have to do outrageous things to break up with a girl. We would be less upset if you just come out and say it.

But then how would you hate us and be happy to be rid of us? Wait, this is women we're talking about. Surely, you'll think of something to hate about your now-ex.

45, you sound both sexist and petty.

I REALLY want to know what 45 said lol

hey 45, if we personally message u will u tell us what you said?

mvc3ftw 17

he could save his money,but it could cost him...His Life! *gasps*

How did you find that out?

I'm guessing the person whom got paid by OP's boyfriend told her.

Either it's a lame joke, or you're better off without him.

I'm thinking the second one.

Plot twist: the boyfriend has been 'dead' for two years. Sherlock anyone?