By Lisaa918 - 10/06/2009 14:49 - United States

Today, my two year old daughter was playing in the kitchen. I went to go have a look and she was pretend cooking. When I asked what she was making she said "look mommy, chocolate!" and stuck her finger in my mouth. It wasn't chocolate. FML
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I just threw up in my mouth a little bit...anyone who says YDI is foolish


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She deserves to eat poo that she already ate because she ate it? It wasn't even her fault you ******* tool.

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at least she knows she's supposed to be in the kitchen at such a young age

time to take parenting classes!! who the hell leaves a two year old alone in the KITCHEN that long?? OP YDI

I just threw up in my mouth a little bit...anyone who says YDI is foolish

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it means you deserve it. and she doesn't deserve it.

yeah id pinch myself hoping to wake up

whos the jack a who goes and clicks YDI for every dang FML.... #6... something is wrong with you, seriously wrong

Actually every parent deserves these little things .... she'd laugh about it herself when she recalls it later .

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EW what was it, hopefully not poo, I"m hoping dirt? after a few incedents of this type of thing myself I don't eat things kids "make" or let their hands be anywhere near my face. (babysitter)

YDI for saying "today" and "fml". have you noticed all the fml's recently saying that? xD just kidding FYL indeed!!!

Please don't become a comedian as a carer. You'd do dreadfully

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Fyl indeed! Kids do the darndest things!