By Anonymous - 04/08/2011 23:19 - United States

Today, my landlord told me he is raising my rent next month. I thought he was kidding until he asked if I still wanted to live here. My landlord is also my live-in boyfriend. FML
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Perhaps he is trying to hint something...

I think he's hinting towards a breakup, my dear.


Perhaps he is trying to hint something...

vjose 0

it's over.

Yeah... He's cheating on you "breanna" isn't his step cousin from Oregon she's the sexy tenant next door that pays her rent on time and wears Chanel perfume. It's time to mice on m'dear.

*move on. Damn you autocorrect. Damn you.

cynide 13

Cough cough*! 37 words

He might just be hinting that he can't afford to cover the rises in bills that all of us seem to be getting. It's only fair that he asks the OP for a reasonable share although you might hope that this was more in the form or a negotiation rather than a "pay up or move out". As ever, we only see one side of the story.

1# that there will be buttsecks?

make him pay half..

cimh 9

hehe... but the OP only needs to double your comment! Perfect comment!

Correction: I think it would be more sex for him. How else would she pay the rent??

I think this is bang on. OP, he's trying to be subtle (since you're probably a cantankerous bitch). Take the hint and GTFO.

89- excuse me? How do you know that OP is a bitch? Rude much?

that sucks but maybe he needs money

or maybe OP is horrible in bed.

tylersign 11

Maybe you aren't ^

I think he's hinting towards a breakup, my dear.

Well, he's your boyfriend and your landlord; half of your role play has already been done for you, so go finish the second half, goddamnit!

bwenduh45 7

Wow, he's probaly hinting a break up. I say dump him before things get ugly.

It's better safe then sorry. P.S. - 500th comment!! So glad you guys have put up with so much insanity!

Obryn 9

Maybe things are already ugly... O,o

xk75 4

Dump him AND call the MA bar association for legal advice - even if there's no written lease you MAY have certain rights as a tenant that your "bf" is attempting to screw u out of. Can't hurt to investigate a little.

Move in with him then.

Just_Peed 0

I love this FML, remember the part that said "live-in boyfriend"??:D

sometimes, I write stupid comments to see how many times I can get thumbed down too.

cynide 13

" *cough *cough! "

wow.. epic fail.. that's terrible... tell him to stick it in his ass.

itsgen 16

hes a douche

kelsey_katie 17

I'm sorry. Fly!

Fly? Damn auto correct. FYL

Well that's an original way to tell someone that things aren't working out....

I agree with above.. Take a hint, OP.. Something is up!