By nutsucker - 08/03/2009 19:08 - United States

Today, I was babysitting a 7 year old girl and we were eating chocolate covered nuts. She kept on chewing the nuts and wondered where the chocolate was. I told her to taste the chocolate you suck on the nuts. Then her parents came home and the first thing she said was "I learned how to suck nuts!" FML
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I reeeeeeeeally hope they asked you to explain right



nollid7 5

That's what you get you perv

Please explain to me how that makes OP a perv

I reeeeeeeeally hope they asked you to explain right

I'm totally NUTS for that ZING!!!

Sunako_fml 9

LOL! i hope you cleared up that misunderstanding..

the real surprize? she really is preg-goes

th3wh1tee 0

That is going to be an awkward next day at school for her.

may_cause_fail 0

XD How did you not see that that could happen? Hilarious though.

haha. You made my day. Thank you. =)

Sorry, calling BS on this one

hahaha, I hope her parents bought your explanation xD

Threadless FTW.