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  shrdlu  |  28

@106: Quite true. I knew one American girl who spoke with a NZ accent like her mother... until she went off to kindergarten where everyone else spoke "American".

  betseyville  |  6

#117, that makes it a learned trait, for fuck's sake. I can't believe people think accents are hereditary. You pick up whatever accent happens to be in your environment.

  s15c  |  9

I honesty don't think it's THAT stupid. It makes sense as a question- when your parents have an accent, you do, too. While the answer to the question is **** no, it changes based on where you live and what everyone else around you talks like... It still is at least somewhat logical.

By  TheFamilyElf  |  17

I can't help feeling a mixture of pity and distaste for the parents that post these kind of fmls. So your child is rather dim... Does that make the parents the failures themselves, does that make them accomplices, or do they simply have to sit back and watch their children do things stupid enough to post about here? Food for thought:)

  ninjacapo  |  2

Yah i agree. So what if she asked a question? Shes a teenager. I dint learn about heriditary traits and genes till freshman year! So 15. OPs daughter could be like 13 and jus be curious (which is a good thing)

  bitch_pleez  |  10

While they aren't hereditary by genetics, if you're brought up by parents with an accent you will learn to speak with the same accent as them most of the time, so I guess you could say accents are technically hereditary.

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

#36, were you joking? It's hard to tell. If not, you are incorrect. Think of all the first generation children of immigrant parents who speak in the accent of the country in which they were born.

My parents are from different countries. I was born in a different country altogether and raised in another. As a teenager I moved to yet another country but by then my accent (of the country where I'd grown up) had already formed. Even know when I try to speak without it to blend in here, it leaks out.

TL;DR: I'm the Stewie of my family and accents have more to do with where you learn to speak.

  mango260  |  9

I was a teenager too, but smart :) I think teens choose to "act" dumb that irrated me when I was in high school...I just wanted to slap some sense into them...they think that's cool!! Ugh they should get rid of high school, it's such a joke!

  mango260  |  9

Most teens are dumb, but I was actually the few that were intelligent :) I think it's all about how you choose to present yourself to others. Teenagers who act dumb irratated me in high school, I don't know how the teachers did it! But high school is suck a joke, I think it makes teens dumber anyways. I'm glad i'm out :)

By  jillybee101  |  7

I can honestly say that I am baffled at YOUR stupidity. Did you ever think maybe it's your fault? Or maybe she isn't doing so well in school but you are just to concerned about posting stupid shit like this on the Internet to see? A lot of people believe that accents are heredity even people your age. If you seriously think you are so hilarious by posting this, thinking you are so much better and smarter than your own child, it honestly makes me wonder who threw you against a wall as a child.


Wow, that was quite the rant. Honestly believe you are taking things way to seriously for a site called "fuck my life".

Anyway, don't think she thinks she is hilarious by posting this....She probably feels genuinely concerned for the hope of her daughter. Which she should be.ha.

  kandi_kid69  |  15

13- Can't believe I'm going to say this but I agree with #25. You need to calm your breasts. That's what this site is for! To post "stupid shit" and have a good laugh at dumb teenagers/Fails/ people who think poltergeists are coming to steal livers/etc. My goodness.