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Today, after running late for work, my boss called me into his office and asked me why I was wearing a uniform shirt that said Amanda. My name is Rob. Amanda is my fiancé, who works for the same organization at a different location. Employees are prohibited from dating each other. FML
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SoonFired tells us more.

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Wow, my first FML post. It's actually a government organization, dating is prohibited because of "Conflict of Interest." We are close to the same size physically. We both wear the middle of road medium size. In all reality, its our last names on the shirt, but it still sucks.

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monkeyspark 6

Even when they work in different locations? Thats odd.

ckh 0

that's stupid, IMO. your workplace should have no say in your personal life, assuming your personal life doesn't interfere with your work.


monkeyspark 6

Even when they work in different locations? Thats odd.

That's what I was thinking. Why would it matter if you guys are in different locations? I mean who cares? You won't be distracting each other.

agreed, most companies i've worked for have always had the exception to the rule that if people work at separate sites they can date... :

I was thinking that as well. I can understand a ban on dating people at the same location, but a completely separate location? Why should it matter, as there won't be any problems should they break up. Then there's the whole issue with what if you meet someone, start dating, and then find out you work for the same company but different locations. OP should look up his state laws seeing if there's anything regarding employer dating policies and to the extent they can be enforced.

That and... you seriously fit into your fiance's clothes? Actually, MOST places I've worked were fine with employees dating, even in the same location, as long as you're not their supervisor/they're not your supervisor. But, every place has different rules. Dumb rule, though.

imblue 0


Well if it's something like a bank or something it may not be a good idea as every branch may work on jobs individually.

YDI for breaking the rules and expecting to get away with it forever. What were they going to do when she changed her last name?

suaveneanderthal 0

you dumb cunt you arn't dating you're engaged. jesus christ.

@ number 48, its not about fitting into her clothes. A lot of companies dont waste time making different shapes and sizes for their uniforms so both the OP and his fiance probably has a size medium, which would by why the OP didnt notice he was wearing her shirt.

She might not change her name, you know.

Why is it so hard to believe that a guy and a girl can have a similar shirt size? You guys asking about it are sad.

xxHaley2011xx 8

Even if it's at the same location, as long as they're not distracting each other and doing their work I don't see what the big deal is.

Not an easy legal situation to research, but I'd ask a friend in HR about the statutes.

Akumie 6

Sorry, I tried to give you thumbs up but hit the wrong one. I would love to know more about this! It seems like it would be illegal to have such a policy in place, but I'm not quite sure about it myself.

My knob looks like a curlywurly, and I listen to static on my radio while chewing barley.

WTF troll. Eat a lead aspirin. The world is better off without your trollish tendencies. "YDI for not being gay?" What kind of purple kool-aid are you drinking? Or are you naturally this retarded?

Jay9313 0

YES! I completely agree because this is how I feel about people with no common sense.

ReasonsToFly 0

nomad are you normally this much of a buzz kill?

_electricbonbon 0

Nomad just gave the troll a feast. NOM NOM NOM.

Coprophobia 0

lmao, win.

Brian, are you wearing patched overalls?

Cool guys, let's respond to FMLs as if they are the most serious thinigs ever.

gumdrops143 6

Go away

I laughed more than I should have.

LoveAlways27 0

How did you not notice that?

well you aren't dating you are about to get married so you did not break the rules

jen11989 0

Either your fiancé is a porker or you're an anorexic

Or maybe they ran out of the right size shirts...I'm skinny and short and need a Small, but I always wind up with a Large shirt.

And your comment is idiotically ignorant. My husband and I are within an inch of each other in height, are both within the recommended BMI range, and can trade both socks and generic-fit medium-size shirts. It happens. To the OP, I'm saying equal parts FYL, for having to work for a company with such a prehistoric policy, and YDI, for not looking in the mirror in the morning.

jen11989 0

how is trading socks relevant? most socks are one size fits all

It's relevant when a woman needs to wear extra-large socks. Men in the US with feet over a size 9, and women with feet over a size 10 1/2, usually can't fit in generic women's socks. I wear mostly unisex socks in a larger size, so they're tradeable.

ozymandias_fml 0

Lose some weight, fatty.

If you're going to try to insult people, you should at least use the correct words. The term you are looking for is "anoretic". There is no such thing as "an anorexic".

#118- If you're going to try to correct people, you should at least use the correct words. The term you are looking for is "anorectic or anorexic." There is no such thing as "an anoretic." And yes, anorexic can be a noun. So there is such thing as an anorexic.

superguppy19 3

me and my ex had the same shirt size cant blame someone for mixing up shirts

12dcevin 5

alenxa you must have really small boobs because same with my girlfriend and I where like 2inch difference but I can't fit into her shirts

Hahha. WRONG.

ckh 0

that's stupid, IMO. your workplace should have no say in your personal life, assuming your personal life doesn't interfere with your work.

I totally agree! Where the hell do business get off telling you what you can and can't do with your personal life, especially who you can and can't be with? That's disgusting.

totally agree with you guys, people can date whoever the hell they want. and the boss and his company policy can take a long walk off a short pier

No, relationships in the work place always interfere with work and cause problems.

Just say you're thinking of changing your name to Amanda.

#7 lol how did u fit into it tho? you guys are the same size?

he could be used to wearing tighter shirts

daydreambeliever 0

My bf and I are roughly the same size and I'm 5'8" and a size 5. He is 5'11" and fits in my clothes. Boys don't have hips and boobs, so it can work.

Damn, that sucks balls hella hard.

lmao #12 always check what you wear before you leave the house i dont see why it matters anyway

DanielleWolf 0

Exactly. YDI. Number one for wearing her clothes, two because you got your work live involved with your love life.

Tell him you are a pre-op transsexual and that is the name you are going to be. Roberta just didn't cut it.

Large shirt is a large shirt. Girls have boobs to get a shirt over, and work uniforms tend to be loose as it is...