By Notasinner - 24/05/2012 22:39 - United Kingdom - London

Today, a drunk man wearing a sandwich-board proclaiming that, "The end is nigh" threw some so-called holy water at me while bellowing, "It's what Jesus would've wanted" and that I should "repent for being an evil shite." FML
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"The power of Christ compels you bitch"

Look mommy! That man is giving free showers. Oh sweet Jesus! Honey, walk faster.


"The power of Christ compels you bitch"

Airman1988 9

It's refreshing to see a first comment that's actually funny, good job sir.

You ain't got no pancake mix!

There ain't no pancake mix in there! Stop lying to these people!

sleepinginclass 8

I first read this as "compels you TO bitch", which still makes pretty good sense!

What's a shite..?

Aha, this comment brightened up my day. :)

A "shite" is the British version for shit.

Storme 16

Actually, we still say 'shit' in Britain. 'Shite' is just a less extreme version of 'shit', like 'sheet' and 'S.ugar H.oney I.ce T.ea'. :P

Tell him to repent for being a bible bashing asshole.

Tell him that people can believe what they want to, you can't drag them into the church like the extreme Catholics did during the dark ages

For some reason, I doubt reasoning and logic will go over very well with the crazy druken bum. I also doubt OP is in the mood to go back and talk to him.

22- I second that!

grace12898 0

I consider myself a Christian and go to church regularly, but I agree that we aren't supposed to force you to repent or assume that god wants us to throw 'holy' water on people..... This guy is special breed of human that we all hope dies out soon

Look mommy! That man is giving free showers. Oh sweet Jesus! Honey, walk faster.

You should have played along and said "Prepare yourselves, the bells have tolled! Shelter your weak, your young and your old! Each of you shall pay the final sum! Cry for mercy; the reckoning has come!"

CaramelMacchiato 13

That's really creepy. But catchy. Still creepy, though.

p3mguin 7

Off the top of your head, no... That took about five minutes minimum to think of that

It's a quote from that movie I don't remember the name of..

There's a guy in San francisco who walks around the city holding a sign saying "Jesus loves you" and he throws words at you

So he throws the sign at you =0?

DCFan 9

Thro ws words.

Shadow_Phantom 26

I'd say it's more of a FHL. Unless this happens often to you, which in case, is definitely a FYL. I'd personally laugh at him, and carry on.

"And that's what you end up as when you drink, kids."

Making kids into a liquid form to drink must be hard to do and probably doesn't taste too good.

The comma helps prove that the kids are not what is being drunk...

Yes I realize this. First time I read it I didn't see the comma. Apparently making kids into a liquid smoothie isn't funny.

Llamacod 11

well, have you yet?

luckyd880 12

Well that seems legit.