By Notasinner - United Kingdom - London
Today, a drunk man wearing a sandwich-board proclaiming that, "The end is nigh" threw some so-called holy water at me while bellowing, "It's what Jesus would've wanted" and that I should "repent for being an evil shite." FML
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  Storme  |  16

Actually, we still say 'shit' in Britain. 'Shite' is just a less extreme version of 'shit', like 'sheet' and 'S.ugar H.oney I.ce T.ea'. :P

  t765234  |  10

For some reason, I doubt reasoning and logic will go over very well with the crazy druken bum. I also doubt OP is in the mood to go back and talk to him.

  grace12898  |  0

I consider myself a Christian and go to church regularly, but I agree that we aren't supposed to force you to repent or assume that god wants us to throw 'holy' water on people.....

This guy is special breed of human that we all hope dies out soon

By  muzy  |  23

You should have played along and said "Prepare yourselves, the bells have tolled! Shelter your weak, your young and your old! Each of you shall pay the final sum! Cry for mercy; the reckoning has come!"