By biggmouth - 26/03/2009 22:44 - United States

Today, my teacher was giving a lecture about human genetics and how they are passed on to children. She projected a large picture of a baby on to the screen in the front of the room. I then joked about how this ugly baby must have some very unattractive parents. It was her baby. FML
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ikr?? XD like number one said good going. but I'd probably say the same frickin thing. >_€ think before you talk!!!!

Honestly, does anyone consider that the dumb shit they say might be offensive to someone?


s_a1093 0

that's extremely rude! you shouldn't say things like that about any body's child ! i'm sure you were one ugly ass baby !


late as hell, but I think all babies are ugly tbh.

late as hell, but I think all babies are ugly tbh.

you should of said like..."well, i guess i was right"

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you sir... are an asshole. i wouldve done the same thing tho.

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that means u and this kid r assholes.

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lmao @ #4. And props to the OP. Way to be! :P

whenever one calls a baby ugly, bad things ALWAYS happen.