By krt - 03/10/2010 23:29 - United States

Today, my dad found the ugliest picture my mom has ever taken. I show it to her laughing. She said it looks like me. I looked again and it kind of does. FML
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FYLDeep 25

Why was it so ugly? Was she making the duck face?


Jessi2487 0

ugly? there's an App for that.

Yes, the app where you can feel sorry about yourself and post it on FML. Beware, these people will only make you feel worse. :D -Fluffy McTiger

_Damien_ 0

what the heck is stracted?!? it's definitely spelled scratched**

Oh, poo. My comment didn't show. Thank you, Mr. Baboon, for finding my typo. My phone likes to change my words. :D -Fluffy McTiger

LeoFML 1

I see we don't like to cuss?

Oh, no. We like to. Just the risk of the holy Mods. :D -Fluffy McTiger

yeah I received a "warning" in my email to be nice on here. It's pretty funny that a website called FML doesn't like when we use bad language.

The tense shift in this fml really pissed me off.

KingDingALing 9

YDI for being an asshole, OP.

theian01 3

This is horribly written. I don't understand it.

Today,I realized I look like my mom. FML

meganasoarus 0

ugly people are supposed to be nice.

ThiszMexicanLove 0

Why would ugly people be nice if they get made fun of and insulted for BEING UGLY.? You are a dumbasz for believe that bullshit.

I love Justin Bieber. Sigh, I wish I could be like Shane Dawson.

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FFML_314 11

Freeze said "What's the difference?"

MissGrinch 4
kenjiisown 1

Meh. It was worth it, though. I could have easily said "nah, she's just 15 years old." Using her ethnicity is more funny.

20, do you think it's 'cool' to add a 'z' on the end of words? It makes YOU look like a dumbass. Amz Iz Coolz nowz cozz iz talkz likez thisz?

meganasoarus 0

are you speaking from experience? they're supposed to be nice because that's the only thing going for them. you'd do well to take that advice. ;)

MissGrinch 4

How does it feel showing the photo to her laughter?

Shookitup 0

The apple never falls too far from the tree :)

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FYLDeep 25

Why was it so ugly? Was she making the duck face?