By human torch - 18/03/2010 15:22 - United States

Today, my physics teacher accidentally lit me on fire. FML
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Haha, I was just about to say, "This is not an FML, this is AWESOME!"

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is your teachers name drew bartymore ?

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Babe, youre so hot. YOU ON FIRE!

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ashlynn610 12

@5 hah was the pun intended??

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pm me if you wanna talk to me

ashlynnn, it looks like you just told yourself to PM yourself :)

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lol no i didn't haha i think some creeper was trying to talk to me over comments, then he got modded... so it's all good (:

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i'm confused, i don't get you.

Disappearing comments are bad. I shall file a bug report...

What is going on here? I feel like you should mod yourself Sirin. Rules are rules.

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omg Ashlyn r u always confused?? lol jk u r blond thou

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That's because she's a Southern Californian girl. ;)

luvin the wheels!! ^^ what kinda bike is it?

Actually, it's a lot easier to light someone on fire then you think. Ahh, good times.

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That was my Ninja ZX-10... But it got totaled when a guy ran a red light and hit me with his truck. I went over, the bike went under, and it was gone. I have an all black Yamaha R6 now with some custom work done too it (exhaust, fender eliminator, etc)... I like my Yamaha better really.

omg that sucks major!! did u get hurt?? that's cool thou that u got a new one!! lol not cool that u got in an accident thou but yeah my dad has a hyabusa and I drive it sometimes!! it's pretty amazing!! 

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I broke a few bones and got bad road rash.. I lived though, it's what matters. About month and a half ago I broke my wrist/thumb when someone else hit my Yamaha. I got it fixed up and am riding again, but my wrist and thumb are still not 100%... :(