By human torch - 18/03/2010 15:22 - United States

Today, my physics teacher accidentally lit me on fire. FML
I agree, your life sucks 422
You deserved it 40

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maybe thats his nerdy way of saying your hot?


Haha, I was just about to say, "This is not an FML, this is AWESOME!"

your name is now "Beeker"

is your teachers name drew bartymore ?

just to say it.. that sucks and first

wow way to copy number 1...

No no no, YOU are gay.

ok well I responded to number 3, which now has conveniently disappeared and made my comment look pointless

oh and now it's back.. isn't that just awesome

good job copying someone else's joke

oh and look now! it's gone again?!

I came here for this. leaving happy.

Babe, youre so hot. YOU ON FIRE!

haha did he put you out? fyl

maybe thats his nerdy way of saying your hot?

I hate when that happens.

Ahaha. So glad I read the comments on this ones. People are so punny.

yah I think he digs you, that was his form of going on a date, a hot date :D

Awh I feel bad for you ):

@5 hah was the pun intended??

hey how's it going

pm me if you wanna talk to me

ashlynnn, it looks like you just told yourself to PM yourself :)

lol no i didn't haha i think some creeper was trying to talk to me over comments, then he got modded... so it's all good (:

You were soo into it

i'm confused, i don't get you.

Now i'm lost..what's happening here?


Disappearing comments are bad. I shall file a bug report...

What is going on here? I feel like you should mod yourself Sirin. Rules are rules.

Comment êtes-vous, Sirin?

Coocoo for Coco puffs.

omg Ashlyn r u always confused?? lol jk u r blond thou

maybeeee lol (:

Are you sure it was an accident?

freckles is cute ;)

That's because she's a Southern Californian girl. ;)

luvin the wheels!! ^^ what kinda bike is it?

Actually, it's a lot easier to light someone on fire then you think. Ahh, good times.

dude u look high in ur pic^^

That was my Ninja ZX-10... But it got totaled when a guy ran a red light and hit me with his truck. I went over, the bike went under, and it was gone. I have an all black Yamaha R6 now with some custom work done too it (exhaust, fender eliminator, etc)... I like my Yamaha better really.

omg that sucks major!! did u get hurt?? that's cool thou that u got a new one!! lol not cool that u got in an accident thou but yeah my dad has a hyabusa and I drive it sometimes!! it's pretty amazing!! 

I second #26's comment!!!!

I broke a few bones and got bad road rash.. I lived though, it's what matters. About month and a half ago I broke my wrist/thumb when someone else hit my Yamaha. I got it fixed up and am riding again, but my wrist and thumb are still not 100%... :(