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By  DjeePee  |  24

You take too many showers and he too less. Really, two times a week is enough. A daily shower (with shampoo and shower gel) will damage your body/hair and a two-weekly shower will damage the nostrils of other people.

  HPbabe  |  0

Umm, eww. It's perfectly healthy to shower everyday. I feel nasty if I skip even one day. And if you only shower twice a week, not only will you stink to the high heavens, but your hair would be greasy as hell. Plus I'd really rather not be sitting in my own sweat for that long, cause that is beyond gross.


Ew. No. Everyday is good. Ofcourse you miss some days, leading you to have, on average, 5-6 times a week. I would rather have "damaged body/hair" than a stinky body and no social life.

  DjeePee  |  24

...No, it is not perfectly healthy to use shampoo/shower gel everyday. How lovely those two might smell, it's still a chemical product that can give you skin problems (an overly sensitive skin, eczema, a rash...) and makes your hair fragile and (you won't believe this) greasy.

But since you girls are terrible afraid of your own sweat - did you know that women get arroused by men sweat? And that people get in love with eachother because of their body odour? - you can shower daily, but water will do just fine. Just like taking a shower twice a week + washing your armpits/crotch daily with water will do just fine.

  glittercookies  |  12

There are products out there that work like soap but don't actually contain all the "damaging" ingredients. If you're really all that concerned. And I think men and women subconsciously smell the pheromones without the help of not showering for a week.

  scrapmetal58  |  9

She is correct. We create so much oil because of showering so much. Look it up. I still shower everyday, unless I miss a day occasionally, because I feel really itchy if I don't. I use all natural, organic products to reduce the damage and not become a chem-pot. :)

  YtotsDI  |  0

#43 there's the reason your dp is of someone in a gas mask. You must stink like a dog who rolls in his own shit.
And if you're saying the chemicals are damaging your skin, do you believe toothpaste gives you sensitive or sore gums? I pity anyone who's within a 8 foot diameter of you.

  skyeyez9  |  24

Maybe if you lived in anartica and never sweat due to the cold. I run 3-5 miles on my treadmill every day. If I only showered twice a week, The BO would be horrendous.


Those odours can also become off putting after a short period of time, like a hot day. Sure, it is attracting for a little while, but once the chemicals on the skin and all mix with the sweat...ew.

  ashley30  |  4

Oh how can I add u, btw totally right to at least shower 3 times a week I smell great all the time I get huge compliments all the time.

What can I do about the seasons split ends? Long brown hair, thin but thick hair (thin but alot of hair), really strong roots, straight with a bit of wave

  applznoatz  |  1

I live in the south and trust me, you skip a day showering and deodorant or not everything starts getting funky. High humidity causes you to basically marinate in your own sweat so showering everyday is just a normal routine here. Unless you're a hobo or just plain nasty.

  anie01  |  5

That's completely true. Want to know why you're filthy after 24 hours? Because you shower too much! When you wash the oils off your skin every single day, it stresses out your skin and it goes balistic trying to replenish those oils, so you get greasier faster and then dirt, dust and grime stick to you. If you trained your body chemistry on showering every second or third day, you'll say clean for the entire two days and your skin, scalp and hair will be healthier. A wet washcloth and maybe some dry shampoo is more than enough for the between-days.

  Wedees  |  15

I wash my hair like twice a week too and it doesn't get oily. I know people who have oily hair the second their hair dries because they wash their hair everyday. But i wash my body everyday. Come on come on wash that body.