By Anonymous - / Sunday 11 October 2015 04:20 / Canada - Edmonton
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  MonkeeArtz  |  11

Even if he gets sentenced to death, it'll take a while for him to be killed. He'd still be in prison, and the death sentence would be the most painless, since you don't need to wait as long until death.

  asakadelis  |  7

Walk into a bank and starts shooting stolen guns with filed serial number into the ceiling while naked threading to kill everyone. No one gets hurt and you have multiple charges against you.


#81 thank you for pointing out that sexist point of view... honestly if feminists didnt have their heads vuried in their asses then sexism maybe could go away instead of switching sides :)

  wallac7  |  28

Agreed make sure he understands that prison is not a fun place. You don't want him to make bad life decisions. Don't let him get to you, educate him :)

By  Kurby14  |  21

wow... might wanna see about visiting a prison so he can see what a 'wonderful' life that would be. 10 minutes into the visit would change his mind really fast

  derpyshy  |  16

Actually, research has been done that indicates that a large portion of kids actually find the program encouraging, and actually do wind up prison despite the attempts to scare them straight.

  wallac7  |  28

That actually sounds like a good idea to be honest. Might be slightly traumatizing but I think its worth the risk to make sure he understands.

  Kels789  |  15

I know a girl who was on Scared Straight. She said it was all a joke, and it doesn't help. So she just lied and said she'll change her ways.

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