By anonymous - 15/06/2011 18:00 - Canada

Today, I had to lie to my female roommate about what happened last night. She was drunk and spent half the night cuddling with me and trying to get me to kiss her. I've loved this girl for two years, but I promised her I wouldn't let her cheat on her boyfriend with anyone. Even me. FML
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Aw thts really sweet how you kept ur promise (:


mattmalin11 0

at least she can trust you, and youre a good friend

k8izgr8_fml 0

what kind of girlfriend needs someone to help them not cheat on their boyfriend?!

It will suck more if he would be on the bottom bunk.

fthislyfe 22

i wish there were more people like u in this world

You lied to her and said you ****** like wild animals correct? Or, am I missing something....

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Veraymix 6

What a good friend you are. Are you sure she doesn't remember? There's always the possibility she likes you, and could have been subliminally hinting it if she DID remember. Then she'll know you lied, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

ok just dont live under a bridge, you'll get trolled

kingtz 6

Sweet? OP is clearly a closet homosexual.

cookie_3008 4

I was wondering the same thing. WTH?

That's nice and you're a good, honest person, OP, but I'm not sure you want to be with her if she needs someone to help her not cheat on her BF.

I think 102 didn't understand and was just trying to help(:

102. It was a joke. But thanks for looking out for me babe.

wow that sucks man, love is nothing but a sweet b*tch lookin foward to break ur heart

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u know the truth comes out when ur drunk...

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it "sinply" sucks that you can't spell!!

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That sucks man but you have a lot more self control than most.

oo7kimba 0

yeah idg what he lied about either!

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Lizza330 28

Then he would've gotten in trouble later for rape.

If she's too drunk to say no, she's too drunk to say yes. That means you don't do her.

lendalynn 5

only a ass would take advantage

People like you disgust me. Taking advantage of a girl? That's lower then murder.

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yeah, if she made him promise her that, she must feel an attraction to the op.

petrc1290 0

he has broken his promise what a disgrace

iSitt 0

a bastardized version of the truth will leak out some day and you will be falsely accused and punished for your principles.

No, we no she is attracted to him when she is drunk, when she is drunk she is probably attracted to a lot of guys she normally is not attracted to.

sassypants93 17

Cuddling isn't really considered cheating

Llamassss 21

248, I wouldn't want my wife cuddling with another guy. I consider that cheating.

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let me clarify - is your name Mr Sassypants or Mrs Assypants?

he kept his promise, you a*s. he is a good friend.

schaflava 0

never mentioned that she was married. shit happens, cuddling isn't that bad. nevertheless she sounds like she's dumb as. box of rocks.

347 I messed up on my name and it is now hunting me forever. Mr. Sassypants.

wasted opportunity....hah jk but you're a really good friend for doing that and there's plenty of other fish in the sea

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This OP has restraint and for that I respect him.

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OP ur a dummy its not ur fault shes druk plus she doesnt remember anything?! Are you gay OP?

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you are a loyal and great dude.

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so let me get this straight...she NEEDED someone to keep her from cheating? she asked you too keep her From cheating on her boyfriend? you're a great friend and all but she really needed a boy version of Linsey Lohan's alcohol detector to keep her from cheating?

tony1234 0

temptation is hard but you over came it and that's good you didn't disrespect her and your self

0opsie 6

161 - I think it meant that he made the promise the very night she was trying to get with him. She was drunk and he probably said "No, I won't let you cheat on your boyfriend" or something like that.

eeanmoryx 0

dude that sucks. but I'm sure one day he won't be there for her and you will be glad you did the right thing.


Aw thts really sweet how you kept ur promise (:

eatmyshortssss1 8

I agree. But look on the bright side, although she's taken, at least you know she's attracted to you and you might be able to catch her on the rebound. Drunken words (or in this case, actions) are sober thoughts, dude.

I love your picture! I've been searching all over for it! What is it called?

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I agree! that's the sweetest thing ever (:

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1215116a 14

It's not stupid to not take advantage of a drunk girl, it's pretty smart actually. If she were to find out he could never have a chance with her if she was ever single again.

1215116a 14

I wonder how fast your comments going to get thumbed down...

Again I say: if she's too drunk to say no, she's too drunk to say yes. Never take advantage of a drunk person.

Well, it was definitifely a smart move not to exploit her intoxication, but not telling her about what happened... that's pathetic, and nothing more. OP must be some kind of masochist, because I personally despise the feeling of unrequitted love - and I guess most sane people lacking an inferiority complex would agree on that. But hey. Every girl needs a good little pooch to dump her bad feelings on after she's gotten it on with a hot douchbag, right? "Oh I just wish he was as sensible and understanding as you are". Way to go, OP. Maybe you'll get a nice crispy doggy cookie for your obidient behavior.

Zombieslayer1 0

Reflecting on this message I see the error I made and am now repentant I made that comment. 27 you are totally correct and I do apologize. I do kinda feel good about how many people rated my comment even if it is a negative rating:

Anyone who thinks this man is anything less than the way a true man should be needs their testicles removed. To the person I'm commenting on: Congratulations, you've won douchebag of the year award. How does it feel to know that you are the scum of the earth? To OP: Congratulations, you are what every man should strive to be. Continue on your path to righteousness and morality and you WILL find that perfect match.