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Today, after a 16-hour work day, I came home to my husband. I talked to him for about 10 minutes, then realized that he wasn't answering me but had his headset on and was talking on Xbox live. Not even playing a game, just talking. FML
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why would you even want to talk to anyone after a 16-hour work day...

Obviously to complain about the 16 hour work day.


YDI for my paying attention, sorry OP maybe next time he will be more considerate.

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Maybe we need to try that again, may I suggest a class on reading comprehension.

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Translation: You deserved it for not paying attention to your husband wearing his headset. Sorry though, OP, maybe next time he will be more considerate.

why would you even want to talk to anyone after a 16-hour work day...

Obviously to complain about the 16 hour work day.

What? Being tired doesn't mean that you don't want to talk, especially to the person sharing your life. I'd probably be in need of some non-work related company after a 16 hour shift. I'm surprised this comment got so many thumbs up...

#73, honestly, if anyone tried to force their company on me after a 16-hour work day, i'd probably kill them. so i truly do not understand how the OP was capable of talking for 10 whole minutes. i'd be done in 10 seconds - "hi, i'm home, i'm gonna eat and go to bed, hope you had a nice day".

You should have helped him pwn those 10 yr old noobs

They're 8 year olds now. So a kid told us when my buddy said he sounded too young to be playing advanced warfare. But at least he wasn't saying "****" every single sentence like some kids.

What? I guess I missed when it stopped being 12-year-olds, let alone 10-year-olds.

If she managed to talk at him for 10 minutes and failed to notice he wasn't speaking to her, I don't think it's her husband who was the worse of the two.

He probably didn't know you were there. I'm sure, and hope, he didn't mean to ignore you.

How do I thumb up on the mobile site? If I can't then "Seconded."

Wow you guys, he asks an honest question and you downvote him. If you tap the comment you want to upvote, it will show options to upvote, downvote, reply and report it.

I use the app. sometimes on my computer the site, but on my phone the app is easier to use.

Response: sleep. That's the first thing you need. But I agree, he should have at least said welcome back or hi.

Did he at least have dinner ready for you

Um, I'm thinking no. If he couldn't even talk to her after her hard day, I highly doubt he had dinner ready for her. Sorry op, I hope he didn't realize you were home and therefore didn't mean to ignore you. If he did mean to ignore you, then it's time to sit down and have a serious conversation with him!

Maybe he was talking with someone about how his wife works too much. Seriously, though, did you make yourself seen or nudge him? He could have been distracted.