By unknown951 - 29/11/2010 07:11

Today, I went to the doctor because recently I've had a white liquid coming from my breast. I found out it's milk. I'm not pregnant. FML
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it could be a number of things. my right one produces lotion the left one sour cream.

Well what did you assume the white liquid coming from your breasts was??


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got milk? yes you do. yes indeed. now drink it and you shall have completed the great circle of life.

happy birthday :)

turns out it's milk. I'm a man :|

omgoshhh thanks!! does this mean you're getting me something?


no. I shall be stalking you until I get one.

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what if your mum rang, "Yes honey, get here I'm outta milk, I need yo titties!" hah

pics or it didn't happen

tittie milk is extremely powerful milk drink it all, now that you dont have to share with a pushy baby

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Have you ever breast fed before? Could be relactation?


You should look into becoming a stripper, they make a lot of dough for the lactation shows.

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Visual proof required.

Hahahah #23 you're funny!

143- Thanks. I try. Very hard. =]

I see your producing 1% is it cause you think your fat? cause your not, you could be producing whole if you wanted to.

Win reference.

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.....and I'm a man

Well then... :/

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YEEEEETTTTTT!!!!!!!!! if ya know what im sayin mhm

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how does it taste?

Like success..

What's up turdles (;

Hey Fuq, hows it hanging? *wink wink* :)..

haha I wonder if she is having dun with the milk o__o

breastmilk is very very sweet. it's much better than cows milk and some moms actually cook their families food with it. I personally would never do it but some do. ;)


that's the most disgusting thing I've ever heard of WTF? in Afghanistan we went through a small village on a standard patrol and a family invited us in and served us coagulated goat blood and raw goat milk, being a diplomat I decided to "eat it" and the blood exploded in my mouth and the milk was extremely sour

yum.. very appetizing...

I'd you donate it to Baskin Robbins for their new breast milk flavor?

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That's been made unlawful for safety issues

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hahaha. sorry don't mean to be rude

Well what did you assume the white liquid coming from your breasts was??

it could be a number of things. my right one produces lotion the left one sour cream.

I wish I had your breast :/

yes it's great. except when I get them mixed up.

funny shit mamamiaaa

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coulda been like a white Russian?

no impossible.....

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yes possible. u dont havto be prego to lactate. alot more women lactate with out being prego then u could imagine

Usually brought on by breast cancers, unfortunately.

Actually, it's entirely possible. If you're hormonally imbalanced when you go on the Pill, you could start spontaneously lactating. I found this out from a conversation with one of my dance teachers, but we digress.

Who says prego ... Loser

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You just did

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Yes it is. It can be due to many things like a hormonal imbalance. I when I was thirteen I started lactating because my swimsuit top rubbed against my breast which stimulated it to make milk. Totally freaked me out

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Free milk.

Lol. Excellent. You not only don't have to worry about buying milk in for a while for your breakfast/tea/coffee but it is also good for loosing weight.. Just ask any breastfeeding mother. ;-)

actually breast milk is very fattening

she meant producing milk, not drinking it...

Jimboom is a he

It is in fact true. I am a guy.

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FMA ;) the show changed my outlook on life

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u guys r useless. X-x

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that's why everyone (doctors , hospitals , lactation nurses , etc) encourage women to breastfeed because not only is it nutritious and extremely healthy for the newborn child but it helps to shrink the uterus after the childbirth process and as it shrinks so does your belly , sadly I was only able to feed my son for a month before I stopped lactating

You need to express the milk if you want to lose weight.... It doesn't help if you do nothing about it.

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#119 Thank you! That is exactly what I was thinking.

tehehehehehhehehehe, at least you can do baby sitting!

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this should only be an FML if you're male. and even then it does happen!

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yea and in rare occastions even a man can have milk

thats messed up

lol That reminds me of Good Hank from King of the Hill.