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  KSGmama08  |  0

breastmilk is very very sweet. it's much better than cows milk and some moms actually cook their families food with it. I personally would never do it but some do. ;)

  jakegryan  |  0 in Afghanistan we went through a small village on a standard patrol and a family invited us in and served us coagulated goat blood and raw goat milk, being a diplomat I decided to "eat it" and
the blood exploded in my mouth and the milk was extremely sour


Actually, it's entirely possible. If you're hormonally imbalanced when you go on the Pill, you could start spontaneously lactating. I found this out from a conversation with one of my dance teachers, but we digress.

  SquirrellyGirl  |  20

Yes it is. It can be due to many things like a hormonal imbalance. I when I was thirteen I started lactating because my swimsuit top rubbed against my breast which stimulated it to make milk. Totally freaked me out

By  Jimboom  |  11

Lol. Excellent. You not only don't have to worry about buying milk in for a while for your breakfast/tea/coffee but it is also good for loosing weight.. Just ask any breastfeeding mother. ;-)

  jrtepechis  |  6

that's why everyone (doctors , hospitals , lactation nurses , etc) encourage women to breastfeed because not only is it nutritious and extremely healthy for the newborn child but it helps to shrink the uterus after the childbirth process and as it shrinks so does your belly , sadly I was only able to feed my son for a month before I stopped lactating