By Anonymous - 07/09/2013 11:26 - United States - North Easton

Today, my sister-in-law pooped with the bathroom door open until my husband had to tell her to close it, then she came out with unwashed hands and started rooting through the cookies. This isn't even the most unhygienic thing she's done today. FML
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I'm scared to ask what the most unhygienic thing is...

perdix 29

Have you learned nothing from the Blue Waffle, the Alabama Hot Pocket and Two Girls, One Cup? If you are afraid to ask, don't! There are things you are better off not knowing.

Epikouros 31

I bet she kissed her dog after it licked its own arse. Or worse.

Woah woah woah woah woah woah woah. DO NOT bring up two girls one cup. You only go through that once (if you're lucky). I mean, chocolate was off for a month

how come everyone is assuming that's OPs sister in law is a grown woman she could still be a kid.

I'm almost afraid to ask but what the hell is the Alabama hot pocket?

Testing1234 because most parents don't have kids 20something years apart.

perdix 29

#46, you should be afraid to ask, so don't. You will be a better person for not knowing it. I'm generally against ignorance, but there are some special cases where it's the wise path!

acutally #48 its more common than you think. My moms best friend is 18 years younger than her sister and my brother-in-law is 13 (13 years younger than my husband).

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Google is your friend, 46. But these warnings should not be taken lightly.. You may never get on the Internet again..

48 - Some parents do have kids over 20 years apart. Me and my brother are about 30 years apart! 39 might be right - maybe OP's sister in law is a kid.

lolita88_fml 27

Hah! Never got caught by that one, never will!

bamagrl410 31

I've never heard of an Alabama hot pocket. I really want to find out, but I'm scared to considering the others it was compared to just now. Inner turmoil!

I too am curious of the hot pocket ill will send a follow up.

Kefka91 15

Today, I learned what an Alabama Hotpocket is. Eww. FML

So I stupidly looked up Alabama hot pocket and I will never be the same.

Sarah2435_fml 5

The curiosity got to me and I looked up the Alabama hot pocket. Do not look it up. Ever.

hell I'm morbidly curious... aren't you lol?

I take it all back... I think I'm done with the internet lol. WHY do I keep doing this to myself. There goes my love of hot pockets...

Says the guy who uses his butt cheeks to hold his signs.

evan_7899 28

Yea they are the shiniest part of the photo, polished to a squeaky clean shine that everyone loves

Oh dang. Tell her to wash her hands and keep the dang cookies away from her! Sorry, OP.

I didn't know Chips-A-Hoy comes with chunks of corn?

That gave me the worst mental image... *Shudders*

Little4Bear 10

Where else do you think the chocolate chips come from! :)

turtlesarerad14 13

That's disgusting.. if that is your house, tell her she's not allowed to come back until she takes on cleaner habits. Good luck, OP! I hope you don't get E. coli.

If she does this, why is she at your house?

mochikyu_ 14

I'm more concerned that she can poop with the door open while other people are in the house. And out of curiosity, is she mentally healthy?

perdix 29

I don't remember putting chocolate chips in the dough . . .

Well, this comment timing was unfortunate . Clearly, great minds think alike.

perdix 29

#20, and so do the warped, demented ones, haha! ;)