By awkwardpineapples - 08/01/2015 03:13 - United States - Birmingham

Today, I found my sister licking all of the silverware and putting it back in the drawer. FML
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Testing to check they're not poisonous before you eat with them.

Sister used Lick. It's super disgusting!


Testing to check they're not poisonous before you eat with them.

Some people wanna watch the world burn

They're poisoned now!

That is disgusting. Why would she even do such a thing?

She is seeing if the cake really was a lie

That made so sense. I get the reference, yet still irrelevant.

what did you guys do to her? I hope you made her wash all of the silver wear op :p

It's written right there and you still screw up the spelling… oy vey!

tantanpanda 26

silver wear! I'd love to wear silver. You probably can't clean them normally though.

I prefer gold wear. Silver just clashes with my skin tone.

Is she mad at sbd in your family? You can confront her with it maybe she tells you the reason?

Or she's just a little psycho. Everyone gets mad, not everyone licks silverware to deal with it. That's a health issue.

She could make everyone sick.

Sister used Lick. It's super disgusting!

Definitely would have left me paralyzed! :P

It would make me berserk!

I don't always see, but when I do, it's what you did there

One question: how old is she?

Better than toads!

That is just gross

martin8337 35

Hopefully she doesn't have AIDS or hepatitis.

AIDS is not spread by spit dumbass (except when you have ulcers in ur mouth)!