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By  Chazzster  |  21

Are you sure sister was recording for Tik Tok and not “Only Fans” (selling porn pictures and videos of herself)? If it was a Tik Tok video I cannot imagine why sister would need to record it in a locked private room like a bathroom.

Unless sister had locked the bathroom door, I cannot imagine soiling your pants instead of barging into the bathroom - So I assume sister had the door locked.

I think there may be a bigger problem than the obvious one you noted - Especially if little sister is underage.

By  Shzusuziq11  |  4

really? (Unless you have stomach distress) you can't hold it for 2 hours? I have held it in for hours because I could never poop in public places. Still, she should have let you in.....

By  bleachedraven  |  14

And you didn't bother to go elsewhere to find relief? ydi