By Anonymous - Ghana
Today, I learned that because of my new medication, I can either avoid getting malaria, or have a male yeast infection. I'm stuck in Africa for the next two months, and have to sit down to pee because I don't want to irritate my penis by touching it. FML
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By  Ub3r_Crippl3  |  0

I think what he's trying to say is that the medication is to ward off malaria, but has the side effect of potential male yeast infection. A potential which has apparently been reached. FYL

  nofriends28  |  0

The medicine is deoxycycline. Its an antibiotic that (among many other things) is prescribed to prevent malaria. Like most antibiotics it can cause yeast infections to develop by killing off the good bacteria in your body that prevents yeast from growing. VERY common problem for women on antibiotics but can also happen to men, especially when they are on them long-term, like to prevent malaria during an extended trip.

  PTSG  |  0

He's saying that because of his anti-malarial medication, he's getting a yeast infection. So, he has a choice: prevent malaria, or get a yeast infection. It's worded poorly, and took me a few times reading it to fully comprehend.

  lil_cig  |  0

Hmm... to prevent malaria, does he need to actually get it (but prevent it?).. So does that mean if he doesn't get exposed to malaria, that he'll develop a yeast infection?

I'm confused. =/

  bexox  |  0

The malaria medicine was probably some kind of antibiotic (although I could be wrong on this). A common complication of antibiotics is UTIs.

  girigoku1988  |  0

im in the healthcare studies, and FYI, if men get yeast infection, it can get very serious.. but then again.. that drug and most drugs hv numerous side-effects on em.. you must be worried only if it is clinically significant.. dont trouble yourself too much because u read a small text print in a long printout of your anti-malarial's side effects....

  juche  |  3

Haha, what? Ghana is known for its Star Beer. Beer is basically the only thing you can get with some regularity in cities around the country. The other options are limited to like... Smirnoff Ice and random soy sauce-sized packets of whiskey, vodka or gin.

  buckskinpony  |  0

Yeah, I wouldn't do that. If you were there long term (like, years), you would probably end up ditching the malaria meds because they're basically poison if you keep taking them. But they WILL help prevent malaria, and if you do get it, it is usually milder than if you were off the meds completely.

True FML though. OP: I would switch malaria meds. If you can, when I lived in Africa we couldn't find any because of how rural the place we lived was. If you can't, sorry dude. FYL.