By emergency - 25/01/2010 13:32 - Canada

Today, I discovered that my mom and her disgusting mess of a boyfriend refer to his penis as "the monkey." And she says that I hate him because I'M immature. FML
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PottentialFML 0

She should be the monkey who "peels" his "banana"

mgblaskewicz 0

it could be worse...she could refer to it as a hairy, 400 lb. gorilla...or Jean Claude Van Damme so everytime you hear "bloodsport" you instantly get an image of a hairy 400 lb. gorilla pounding your mom's vag. FYL.

Oh I get its short , round, and smells like ass

..and how did you discover this? o.O

SusanaSaysRawrxD 0

You would move out if you would move out? I would, too.

lexie206 0

I was thinking the same thing. I think I'd be more traumatized knowing that he calls it "the monkey" than knowing my mom thinks I'm immature for disliking him. FYL though OP

Weird. You would think they would call it the Banana...

Thats creppy...i would move out if I would move out if i were you...just sayin.

Well, you DO refer to him in an immature way? Why don't you like him?

MF12 0

well he's in immature because he calls his penis the monkey... just a guess

JCfox07 0

really how'd u get that idea?

Wow what a did you find out? I dont suppose you...walked in on them o_0?

Don't see how this is really intimacy. I mean you mention a penis once. If anywhere, it goes in misc.

now the only part u left out is HOW u found out nd why u were being a creeper....