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Ur gonna get herpes if you dont look before you kiss

ewwwwwwwwie gross..didnt u sense that there was something on her finger ?


well at least it was just vomit:)

Oh yes. It was only vomit. God forbid it was a booger!

They might have been thinking cat poop. Roadkill blood. lol. There's worse things than cat vomit. Just not that many.

ewww that is seriously gross! what on earth is cat vomit doing in building blocks? don't you notice when your cat is sick?

um.......cats vomit ALL the time, ever heard of a hair ball?

my cat swings her head everywhere (it flyseverywhere...!) it's so nasty! that's why she is outside most the time

first, hairballing is not vomiting. secondly, a cat that gets the proper food does not spit hairballs that much.

If its an outdoor cat he could've ate something he wasn't supposed to. I have three cats who all go outside. They don't throw up often but occasionally one will, and there's no advanced warning besides a sudden coughing. And then the cat will walk away like nothing happened

NOM NOM NOM NOM!!!! yummy!

someone needs help........

Actually, you need help with your sarcasm detectors

ewwwwwwwwie gross..didnt u sense that there was something on her finger ?

Is it just me or does this comment make very little sense?

I have no idea what she's trying to say either.

yeah, people have just got to learn not to put little kids' hands near their mouths.

aww man dat made me puke 2 -____- dude 3 words... Suuuuucks fooooor yooooouuuu :D nah jk your life sucks man