By Sadface - United States
Today, my 15 year old son told me he had his first kiss. I told him how I was the same age when I had mine, and then I told him all kinds of wild stories about things I did in my childhood and college life. Truth is, I made them all up. I didn't get kissed till I was 24, and laid till I was 28. FML
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  DameGreyWulf  |  0

I partially agree with 13 here, actually.
I mean in that why the fuck do people get so boohoo about waiting for it? Unless this guy was a massive loser and it was pity-kiss and pity-lay.
Jesus man you were still young. Not like you were in your 80s and finally got some.
Or would you rather your 15-year-old son be banging a couple girls by now? (not saying a kiss leads to that, but the man mentioned getting laid)

  knad  |  0

I partially agree with #13, too. Honestly though, who cares? It's sad that you think it matters that much and that you're ashamed. Main point, don't lie to your kids. That's pathetic.

  sports_chika  |  0

I agree with #3...why would you lie to your kid about that, I mean who is he going to tell that really cares? or why would he want to tell anyone? that would be one awkward subject...

  22cute  |  17

Me too!! Why on earth would you lie to your kud anyway? About anything? If you cannot have a trustworthy relationship and be loved just as you are by your own kid, how can you ever have a real relationship with anyone.

  Unlucky1232  |  20

i think the main issue is that in todays society being how it is it's an insult to be a virgin and even more of an insult to be kissless. Also OP most likely wasn't a role model, he probably wasn't kissed/laid because he couldn't get any, not because of moral/religious beliefs.

By  gsm_fml  |  0

Ooo dad now you've set him up to think that he has to do all sorts of wild things. He will make someone a GREAT husband now, with that kind of mentality. You idiot - you deserve it for lying and glamorizing stupid irresponsible behavior.

  luckyducky123  |  0

I wouldn't say most wait, but I'm sure there are many more then we think that do wait that long. But most people give it up early either because of peer pressure or they just feel the time is right.

  your_face  |  15

Emperor_Jim, welcome to the internets. If we were all mature adults, we wouldn't be here. So don't go saying that everyone following a linguistic trend is "childish and stupid," kay? Makes you sound like a snob who pretends he's more mature than everyone around him, but isn't. You're not fooling anyone, dearie.