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Today, my school's ski trip got canceled, because "All the snow makes the roads unsafe." We can't go skiing because it's snowing. FML
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Oh the irony

What the ****, guys? Yes, the analogy was shit, and yes, ableism sucks, but she's 13 years old. Lay off a little. Besides, I think it's kind of creepy how three separate people are fantasizing about what a barely-teenage girl is doing with her free time.


That's like saying we can't go swimming because lightning just struck the pool. . . . oh wait. Well that's retarded. Have fun NOT skiing. *evil laugh*

1) you probably sit at home after middle school and do nothing 2) i don't enjoy the use of the word'retarded' 3) your analogy sucks

15- I stated in my bio that I comment when I feel that what I have to say is funny. I'm ok with being downvoted. I do not do nothing when I get home, I have soccer an basketball practice and I get straight A's, and man, if you would've said you didn't appreciate the word retarded earlier I would've changed it. Sorry for my crappy comment, go bury it. I'm still not sure why you felt the need to write that comment though.

25 - How about say something that isn't completely bull shit. Thanks.

26- what did I say that was bullshit? I'm trying my best not to offend people and please everyone and everything I said in my last comment is true.

#26 Youre trying not to offend people yet you use the word retarted and say a comment using the words 'evil laugh' ??

30- jokes, man. Jokes. Sorry. I didn't know you guys were going to be so bothered by it. I'm sorry.

You really do go home and do nothing. I bet you didn't even draw that Bowser.

What the ****, guys? Yes, the analogy was shit, and yes, ableism sucks, but she's 13 years old. Lay off a little. Besides, I think it's kind of creepy how three separate people are fantasizing about what a barely-teenage girl is doing with her free time.

Guys, I also draw cartoons in my free time. Stop doubting what I can do for one crappy comment. I DID draw the bowser. I apologized, stayed friendly, so you need to back off. The analogy was supposed to be shit, and I attempted to make a joke of it.

36- I changed my profile pic. I draw in my free time, too. I hope you like this one more. And I did draw that Bowser.

wideload96 1

I think you mean, if you weren't allowed to go swimming because of rain..

Here is my attempt at trying to understand this comment: So I'm guessing the commenter is assuming the OP is already at the skii resort/destination. That being said, she is making an analogy to a person already at a pool with a supervisor. While at the pool, it rains and lightning strikes the pool. The supervisor says they can't swim anymore. The commenter believes that while at the ski resort, it snowed too hard so the skiing that would be done is cancelled.

Stop the bullying guys! My feelings are getting hurt just reading somebody else's get hurt!

Bullying? Shit comment is shit. If a 13 year old is on FML and can't take back-lash, don't comment on FMLs. I'm probably going to get down voted but it's the truth.

It was a bit over-kill to be honest.. Either way, she said something and people down voted it. No need to go on. You could've also said it rained so hard outside no one wanted to walk to the pool. :p

RedPillSucks 31

I'm thinking her comment may have been to point out that too much snow may make traveling to the ski resort too dangerous. Just like swimming in a pool during a thunderstorm might be considered dangerous.

This is the first time someone got offended on the Internet, we will not sit here and take it lightly *sarcasm*

You can't be serious... No shit. Your comments are not gettin any better. Stay in school younging.

For the love of God! Stop with all the hating!

That was supposed to be funny?

Bobskittens1 12

It's more like saying "It rained earlier and the pool is too watery so you can't swim". Haha. Schools nowadays.. SMH.

I bet all of you feel highly of yourselves after ripping on a 13 year old girl over an FML comment she posted. It's pathetic if you ask me.

If the person who posted this wasn't 13 I guarantee it would be getting hate. No E-Warriors would stuck up for some 20-30 year old guy.

BlueFlatts 20

Nobody likes a troll 88, especially one that's 1868 posts behind.

What does age even have to do with anything? I don't like it when people are like "oh, they're 12/13, MUST be a pop music fan/twilight lover, they shouldn't be on the internet". Well I heard of a 5 year old that was admitted into MENSA which proves that age has nothing to do with intelligence. We were all 13 once, stop bringing age into it. Age, just like sexuality, is naturally defined so people need to stop using this as a derogatory term.

... Bringing sexuality up like that makes me think you're a pedo, but ok

Don't let ass holes get you down. People who are going to get all offended over a word like retarded used in a non derogatory sense are just holier than thou nitpickers. Keep doing what makes you happy.

Wow guys real mature. Leave the ******* girl alone. If she wants to use the word let her use the damn word. If you don't like it, then don't use it; don't tell other people not to. Seriously grow up people

Hey guys, stop it... Stop bullying this little mofo cun... oh, what did I say?! Sorry. *devil laugh*

thepersonyouknow 9

At first i felt bad for you because of all this hate but then you changed your description into some stupid sob story and i didnt feel bad anymore because i thought you were being dramatic...

114- I barely changed my bio. The only three things I did were change the date that I wrote it, rephrase why I don't comment often, and say that I like to draw.

114- I barely changed my bio. The only three things I did were change the date that I wrote it, rephrase why I don't comment often, and say that I like to draw.

Everyone- stop getting offended over "retarded". My boyfriend's mom is bipolar, but he still says that miami weather is bipolar. She wasn't insulting anybody, and using it in a non derogatory way.

7yzz 18

OP I can see that the haughty old cows that run your school are just as retarded as the ones that ran mine. Oh and 15, speaking of analogy... And btw you guys are a real bunch of losers if you feel good after verbally bashing a 13 year old girl, shes still budding, let her grow.

A better analogy would be we can't go surfing because there are too many waves.

Oh the irony

oreily12 23

At least you got snow...

And now we shall bury you in it.

NickaPLZ 26

"Oh and Archer... How's this for ironic?"

79 - a fellow Archer fan! *Cyril voice* helloooo

2 - You called?

I really think this is a wise choice. I mean you don't want to be responsible for like a 1000 kids injury and they can't afford it. I don't know they should still take you in my opinion, just telling the other side

RocketNinjaFish 12

Yeah, you're right, but it was kinda mean to promise it, then cancel it. Anyway, if they were going skiing, I'm guessing snow would have been anticipated. But I don't live anywhere near snow, so I wouldn't know.

If they are canceling due to snow, that means there is enough to be dangerous. While it's a disappointment, can't really ski if you're stuck in a ditch either.

AbstraktThoughts 13

It's like how airports will shut down operations if the weather is bad enough. It's not to inconvenience you (although in my opinion, those jerks in the airports are enjoying our pain when we're stranded), but to keep others safe from harm.

Then why have ski club if they are just going to cancel it? And my school did the same thing last week, which was kinda disappointing, especially because one of my friends who's parents drove them to the mountain took pics and it was the perfect ski hill and blue skies. So FYL op.

People do drive fast in blizzard conditions. A few years ago Christmas Eve we drive to my moms, a 2.5 hour drive took 5 hours. This truck went blazing past. A couple miles down the road he was buried in the ditch. I'd also like to point out that the wind chill factor may have also been in play, in MN it has been -50° with the wind chill. I had to cancel back surgery, but my husband and I would not take our young daughters out in that, you can get frost bite in just minutes. You will understand when you get older, OP.

ryanebk 7

You can cross country ski

Comment 101 is very wise. A great deal if appreciation should be handed to them. I'm suprised I got 25 likes, I'm only 11!!

why dont they just bring spider spikes?

BoobsAreAmazing 7

That's like saying, "You can't go to the beach because there's too much sand."

No, because sand doesn't fall on the road. They're very different.

Or "we can't go to the pool because its flooded."

10- Sandstorms?

It's actually not the same thing. Due to poor conditions with heavy snow falls, it's a risk driving in mountainous areas. Trust me, when you lose traction at 90km+/hour (56+m/hour) during heavy snowfalls, on curving roads, it's not a fun time.

yoursucklives 36

who drives that fast when it's heavily snowing!

I-70 through the colorado rockies, in the summer the speed limit is 65-70 (depending on the area) if the roads are snow- packed the speed limit is changed to 50-55, if its really bad the police will escort traffic in groups at about 35

Seriously do these people not understand that snow on roads can be extremely dangerous? I mean I get that not everyone grows up with or may not even ever see snow in their life but don't you hear about all the cars and truckers who go careening off the road in places that do? I live in Alberta near the rockies (Calgary) and have heard and been in some terrifying situations because of snow especially in the mountain passes.

Well then, ski there instead! :)

It makes sense if it's a far drive, but that still is a pretty sucky situation. Just go skiing on one of those hills that the snow clearing trucks make :).

sugarshane007 20

Well somebody clearly doesn't know what skiing is.

Well duhhhhh. Who likes skiing in the snow anyways? Weirdos

Wait.. You're supposed to ski in the snow? My life is a lie -_-

Satoaoi 13


Who posted this? U r definitely from cfs aren't u? This is Vince btw

Is it so god damn ******* difficult to spell out your entire message? Seriously?

I think we need to sacrifice Vince in the glorious name Satan. All hail Biulsibub!

Omg. Vince you have an FML?!? Haha. Hey man, this is Jake from State Farm. You 'member me bro?