By goestoschoolonsnowdays - 12/02/2010 05:02 - United States

Today, we had our second snow day in a row, something that never happens. So while the rest of school got to sleep late, I had to wake up early, get dressed, and go to my bus stop because my mom didn't believe me. FML
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sounds like my day. record snowfall in Texas, and I had to be at work by 5am. **** that shit.

I would have turned on the tv and hosed her then went back to bed.


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how is this an fml? is your life really f ed?

don't you have the ******* news at your house??? because they usually anounce school closings. why didn't you just turn on the TV and make her see for herself?

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I find this hard to believe because if it's been snowing for two days then buses are going to be cancelled

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Haha, I'm in NY also, my mom didn't believe, so I showed her the school website...

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sounds like my day. record snowfall in Texas, and I had to be at work by 5am. **** that shit.

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haha I live in Texas but I'm a kid who gets to sleep in

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I live in Texas, it's 1:30, I just got up :)

Seems you have a computer....log onto your local news site and it will have cancellations/delays. YDI

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see now this is a true fml.. parents suck rite?? and snickerdoodles, that's a good arguement.. my school calls if there's a snow day.. he screwed upp

sorry, who did snickerdoodles correct? Exactly.

Maybe the powers out... and the op might have tried telling thier mom to do the suggestions, but some parents don't feel the need to listen to thier children!

My school has got out 15 days this semester alone. The most we've missed in a row was 4 days.