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Today, we had a school reunion. The guy who bullied me throughout my high school career is now rich and married. I'm broke and single, and he specifically came up to me to point it out. FML
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They've done studies that prove people who are bullies are naturally more dominant and thus more likely to succeed in life. All those high school movies lied to us!

Sometimes Karma doesn't do its job :(


Sometimes Karma doesn't do its job :(

Just look at George Zimmerman

Trayvon was a troublemaker who got what he had coming to him.

Come on yall. Do we really have to bring that back from the dead?

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#23 The POS with a gun following a kid home from the store was looking for trouble! Fuck you #23. Maybe you will get what you deserve one day!!!

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Looks like a job for Karma Man!!

Most of the time it doesn't, tbh

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or it's just delayed and he's got it coming

No, his karma is building up for something big

No such thing as karma. Anyone who seriously believes in such things, is crazy.

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You know #88, it would be really ironic if you were religious

They've done studies that prove people who are bullies are naturally more dominant and thus more likely to succeed in life. All those high school movies lied to us!


agreed however there are also studies that show that people, especially men, who feel the need to flaunt their material belongings also suffer from high insecurities. so that part of the movies are true. I guess the only silver lining I could give OP is that instead of focusing on what the bully has he should consider that the bully feels the need to flaunt to OP because he is so insecure and secretly needs everyone's approval to be happy. Now use that weak spot and take that pansy down!

things dont change much then huh? still a dick after all those years. don't worry op he'll get his eventually maybe two days or 50 years but for sure from the man upstairs

If you're relying on god for revenge you're going to be in for a rude shock when you find out he's not real.

Some people just never change.

Success isn't measured by wealth or marriage, treating others terribly will catch up to him one day. Stay strong OP :)

I couldn't agree more!

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well said :). I couldn't agree more myself.

22 not necessarily. We have no way of knowing if it's a happy, loving marriage and money certainly helps happiness but doesn't equal it. Rich people can be lonely or miserable despite their money.

We all have our own definitions of success. To some people, wealth and marriage is a measure of success. To others it's happiness. Does that make any of us lesser people than any others? Well, in most cases, no, we just value different things in life.

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Being married is a legal status and has nothing to do with being happy, as to wealth I think most people know it has nothing to do with happiness. On top of that if this guy needs so much to brag about it he is full of insecurities. Sorry to break it to you

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My comment was for #22

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Point out to him that he's specifically an asshole

He'd totally get his ass kicked

you know what they say. karma is a bitch.

7, too bad it didn't work on OP. :(

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That's why it's a bitch

That's really fucked up, but look at it this way - there's a possibility that he's doing shady illegal bussiness and his wife is a gold digging bitch.

Happiness isn't measured by how much money you have or whether you're married or not. Also somebody who is actually happy wouldn't be coming up to you to validate their success.

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Agreed. If someone is truly happy they don't have to point it out. People who says things like that guy did usually have some deep internal issues that they like to take out on others

And this is why, after over 40 years I have never been to a class reunion. We didn't get along then, I can't imagine any of it has changed.

Just because he is rich and married does not make him better than you. The fact that he had to rub it in your face means he is still poor in terms of his humanity. Hope his wife saw how he acts towards who are not at his point in life and dumps his loser ass.

I hope she realises that shes actually married to a gay guy who has been in love with his classmate since highschool and was mean to him because of his conflicted inner feelings and is now boasting to him in order to make himself appear more attractive as a stable breadwinner