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Today, my stepbrother found my diary and read it. He then told my boyfriend how I had a crush on another guy, and no longer liked him, causing my boyfriend to break up with me. That diary was from the third grade. FML
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if your boyfriend love you, he would let u explain

Today, my girlfriends stepbrother told me she has a crush on a cute 7 year old named Robert and dosn't like me anymore. FML


if your boyfriend love you, he would let u explain

I know it's a hard pill to swallow, but if your brother read it verbatim, your boyfriend should have figured that it was from the third grade, I mean I hope you've become more articulate than when you were 11... Anyway yeah, he shouldn't have broken up with you, he should have realized it was from the third grade. He's probably not a good boyfriend to have.

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I bet he also thinkin what ther hell OPs uhthinkin wantin tuh be a fairyprincess and whert not! ahurhur!

18-this is random but who is 11 in the third grade?

oh thats awful but your boyfriend will understand just go and tell him you will probley laugh about it later

Your stepbrother's an asshole. Show your boyfriend the diary. It should be obvious it's from a long time ago. If he doesn't let you explain, he's not worth it. Why would he believe your stepbrother anyway? I can understand that causing you boyfriend to ask you about it, but to break up with you right away seems pretty irrational.

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^i was 7 and 8 in third grade-.-

25- to be honest, I didn't want to count out how old she would have been. I just chose a young age lol

Besides that, you folks are only helping prove my point further.

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Moral of the story, write more specific diary entries or don't write them at all.

Yea I was like 9 or 10 lol

People like bootiehole

I'm still in Grade 3. :'(

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find a better hiding place, then this won't happen. but lol FYL

Step Brothers

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OP, why do you still have your diary from 3rd grade? You should have thrown it away by now. But FYL for your boyfriend believing your step brother!

He's an idiot for jumping to conclusions. The diary entry would display the date of when it was written.

He was obviously looking for a reason to break up with her and the stepbrother gave it to him

Lots of girls, including myself, like to keep their diaries and later go back and read them.

That sucks. Your boyfriend should've talked to you before dumping you.

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loves you

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Especially if the info came from your bro. Your bf is dumb.

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The real reason your brother told him is because he wants you all to himself! WINCEST

Yeah. If your boyfriend left you over something someone else said (especially your siblings!) be glad he's gone! But it still does suck, I'm sorry :(

Wait, you had a boyfriend in 3rd Grade?

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Such discriminating evidence should be burnt incase of such events or future children reading and mocking you. Learn from that fail.

3- I believe the word you're looking for is "incriminating".

I think bird is the word

I think junk in my trunk

Wait. You had a boyfriend in third grade?

I meant to say "crush"

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I had my first kiss in kindergarten.

That would be way to young for having a relationship wait til you are in grade 4or5 to start dating

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Who dates in 4th or 5th grade!?!? You don't even know why the **** you're doing. What are your dates going to recess together? Honestly, I think even junior high/middle school is to young...who wants that awkward car drive where some one else has to drive you and your date.. But really 4th grade? Come on

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Not that surprising. I had crushes in preschool. I think I started around age.... ~4? or 3? Idk honestly but I remember having the reputation as the girls secret weapon in our boy girl war because I'd run around trying to kiss the boys. It was hilarious!!! (and frighteningly foreshadowing! I'm a Huge flirt now, I swear it's just my nature I don't even realize I'm doing it! I'm probably going to end up a nympho [that's the word for sex crazied women right?])

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to prove most peoples theories wrong... I had my first kis in preschool, first real kiss in fifth grade, first movie date in fifth grade... let's just say I'm advanced and a big flirt:)

Shut the hell up pansies. How is grade 4-5 right to start dating. I had a Girlfriend in year1.

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#110 so lol I'm confused does that mean you never had a girlfriend or have always had one?

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Invite your brother up to the roof to look at the stars one night. Then either lock him up there or push him off. Whichever you are feeling at the time.

You seem to have experience in this

don't get why there are thumbs downs. love the comment.

Who has a BF in THIRD GRADE?

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Lol if it was me i would plot something along the lines of ruining his relationship or making sure he never gets laid :]

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Shiit, I did lol...

I had a "boyfriend" in third grade, thank you very much.

Today, my girlfriends stepbrother told me she has a crush on a cute 7 year old named Robert and dosn't like me anymore. FML

I see what you did there


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that sucks. really bad. you should go to ur boyfriend explain, and smack your stepbrother upside the head for being a Dick.

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dick moveeee

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And what would you do in his sitch? lol

That sucks. I'm sorry that that happened to. You