By snowbunny - 11/01/2011 02:03 - United States

Today, I got snowed in. At work. FML
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That sucks... But hey it could be worce u could be snowed in with ur mother-inlaw


Start scheming with your co workers to see who you will have to eat first. My advice is target the weakest first. Just like how I ate joe's legs, which by the way were delicious.

I know what a small Fml so hard to try to tap it on my iPhone

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This is the shortest, funniest FML I've ever seen.

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You along with everyone else you work with, get over it. You're not the only person to ever get snowed in somewhere.

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you're just angry about the Eagles losing. calm down. I'm an Eagles fan too. life goes on.

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Eagles suck. Go Packers!... to the Superbowl!

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Go Chelsea!! Wait...wrong sport, got carried away with myself there.

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LOL I'm an Eagles fan? Far from it, try Seahawks fan. Yeah I know we suck but that didn't keep us from beating the Saints now did it?

Geneside 8

That sucks... But hey it could be worce u could be snowed in with ur mother-inlaw

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I saw this in a movie once. Beware of the waiter with the puppet! Oh and you don't make it to the sequel. :/ FYL

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Happened to me too. I ended up stuck in my hospital for three bloody days and it was severely understaffed at the time. Massive OT opp though.

happened to me too, but it was Christmas eve and the first time it snowed in 80 years

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I guess you should have gotten a big truck with 4-wheel-drive?

More than likely OP is snowed in to work because there is no relief, not because of the road conditions. I'm in my 15th hour of work at the moment as an RN, and I could drive out anytime I wanted, I just don't have anyone here to take my patients. Seriously, here in Alabama at least it's the most snow we've seen in almost 20 years, and more snow in 24 hours than there has been in the past decade cumulatively.

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I don't know, I was looking it up and it appears Alabama has only gotten up to about half a foot at a time, which is still drivable with most vehicles.

My yard had 11 inches. Still driveable for those that know what they're doing, but not for Southerners who have never seen this much snow before. Also, none of the roads were treated and only some have been plowed. The hills and steep inclines make it much more dangerous for idiot drivers.

FYLDeep 25

Well, that much snow might not be drivable if there's drifting. If there's no drifting involved than half a foot of snow is certainly nothing to cry about. 11 inches is still doable in any vehicle with 4 wheel drive.

For people who know how to drive in it. Alabama - We haven't gotten 11 inches in my lifetime. Half my co-workers had never seen snow before Christmas day

You guys are so weak. You can't drive in 1/2 foot of snow? I drive a Chevy Aveo in snowstorms up here, no problem. Damn southerners.

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Like I said, it's really not the amount, but it's the potential for it drifting up about 3 times higher in some areas. Half a foot isn't going to stop you if it's a nice even layer. That's nothing to worry about at all. I've driven through much much worse.