By Anonymous - 07/12/2010 14:13 - United Kingdom

Today, my boss texted me to say the office was closed because of the snow. I begged him to let me go in anyway because I had nothing to do all day. I have no life, friends or hobbies. FML
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therealsuperman 0

build a snowman. duh

Maybe you should get a life??


therealsuperman 0

build a snowman. duh

blonderabbit 0

you could always make a snow angel or sing christma carols!? or you could just go find a life...

Beware of snow plows.

Find some friends

Marvin_Android 0

Sounds similar to me. However, I have a brain the size of a planet, so nothing keeps me entertained. I'm always left pondering the pointlessness of it all. You are an Earth-creature, and therefore descended from apes. Your simple brain should be easy to amuse. Might I suggest a piece of string? A couple of rocks to bang together? Life. Don't talk to me about life.

^ u need to get laid

chewwy FTW... Again! and btw im definetly no a decendent of an ape and your brain is derinetly not as big as a planet.

go get a dog and then you and your dog can play in the snow together! lol

"derinitely" not.

might I suggest World of Warcraft?

47, u like a constant downer huh? 71, ftw lol :P

chewey are you retarded? Robots can't get laid because he doesn't have Human organs.

Well, there's always cyber-sex..

that's why god invented CoD.

Wow Mario, I wasn't aware that other sentient beings than humans populated the earth and used the Internet, way to be a fucking idiot though good job.

#55 and you need to read a book once in a while!

So you'd rather work?

you could have gone shopping xd

Play video games. Hm... You are a woman...

More like unsure if my advice would be good for the opposite sex.

I love videogames

I love u :-0

i would consider myself a gamer..

Maybe you should get a life??

gocutler88 0

totally agree

theRovingMage 0

Flash computer games! Make cookies for firemen/police. (Want to feel super sexy? Do this. They love the food and you get flirted with.) Go to free Christmas/Holiday events. Check your paper for ideas. Go to a museum or a gallery. Get books from a library. Find a hobby by picking up things that look sort of cool, then read them and if you like it, try it. Make Christmas presents. There's always things to do.

oooorrrrr.... complain on FML!

MexRomeo 0

you really put a lot of thought into this didn't u?

aliceharper 0

you could've used your day off to go out and get a life

Fortuitous 0

Yeah, I hear Home Depot sells them for $29.99- $19.99 around the holiday season.

Maybe this is telling you that you should take time off work to find these things that you don't have(life, friends, hobbies).

oh my gosh, GET A LIFE! Drama, attention seeker, enjoy while you can lol

you should get a pet. so you won't feel lonely.