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Sounds similar to me.

However, I have a brain the size of a planet, so nothing keeps me entertained. I'm always left pondering the pointlessness of it all. You are an Earth-creature, and therefore descended from apes. Your simple brain should be easy to amuse. Might I suggest a piece of string? A couple of rocks to bang together?

Life. Don't talk to me about life.

  t765234  |  10

Wow Mario, I wasn't aware that other sentient beings than humans populated the earth and used the Internet, way to be a fucking idiot though good job.

By  theRovingMage  |  0

Flash computer games!
Make cookies for firemen/police. (Want to feel super sexy? Do this. They love the food and you get flirted with.)
Go to free Christmas/Holiday events. Check your paper for ideas.
Go to a museum or a gallery.
Get books from a library. Find a hobby by picking up things that look sort of cool, then read them and if you like it, try it.
Make Christmas presents.

There's always things to do.