By bethanygirl - 29/10/2011 19:46 - United States

Today, I had to cancel my birthday party because of snow. It's October. FML
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I don't have snow and I live in Canada

I didnt know you couldn't have a birthday party with snow..


They probably live by me. Connecticut is getting a nice winter storm.

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massachusetts got hit hard to

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Omg me too ! It started snowing over here for the first time in new york this year :/ and you shouldve had a snowball fight party :)

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Yeah it's still snowing in NY. So somewhere in the northeast.

For once, MI isn't getting snowed on. That's gotta be a first.

Crap sorry this posted twice. I'm on the app and it crashed right when I sent my comment in. Sorry.

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For once Texas gets a break from all this snow!!

Here in NY the weathers absolute shit.

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For once? I lived in Texas for four years and it hardly ever snows. If you're thinking of the ice and sleet maybe. But even so, three or four harsh-ish winter storms a year is not a lot, grow a pair and never move north.

Colorado's weather is extremely bipolar one day it will snow and the next day it will be sunny and the snow will already have melted

It's snowing insanely here in newyork -_- 8 inches and still going...

I don't have snow and I live in Canada

Colorado just got 12 inches where I live.

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California is sure getting tons of snow

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Possibly in New York. The "sleet" had snow flakes the size of golf-balls.

This storm is bad. I'm from Connecticut and trees are down every where. One fell on my boat :0

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We're even seeing a little snow in new jersey. It must be global warming...

It snowed here this morning, but it all melted within the hour.

Not Canada... It hasn't snowed yet and we all think it's the beginning of the end of times.

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47, I think he was being sarcastic...

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47, that sound you just heard was my sarcasm going right over your head.. But don't worry it's not ok.

I live in NY and this is the SECOND time it's snowed this week. Gross.

I live in NY and this is the SECOND time it's snowed this week. Gross.

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Same all the trees in my Backuard and on the streets all fell :(

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It's hard to tell when somebody is being sarcastic over text, my bad. I'm just used to all the nimrods running around with their head up their asses around here.

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I live in Connecticut too. Two feet and still coming.

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And New York is absolute shit. How it got from 60 to 32 I dunno.

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Hmm. Well you could always come join me in Florida. We are the sunshine state :)

109/110, I live in NY and this is the first time its snowed. Where in NY do you live?

32 - trust me, with michigan weather, that wont last long -.-

52, I ******* hate living in Colorado. -.- Yesterday it was hot, and the day before it was snowing.

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wow I live in Toronto and it didn't start snowing yet

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I'm stuck on my dead end street with no power :( yeay New England

I hate to gloat but Canada is nicely having it's quiet rainy Autumn. No snow in Ontario. :)

Wisconsin has pretty bad weather too...

This kind of thing makes me feel lucky I live in CA. But in the summer is sooooo hooooooooottttt here. Ups and downs(:

Power outage, snow all day and possibly all night, a couple inches on the ground already, in Massachusets

yeah CA is awesome, have AWESOME mountains for snow ....NJ however....power outage...tees falling everywhere...and shitty slushy snow

yeah CA is awesome, have AWESOME mountains for snow ....NJ however....power outage...tees falling everywhere...and shitty slushy snow

I heard Texas had it's very first snow storm, could've lived there.

194- I'm in friggin Winterpeg*and it hasn't even snowed yet. Damn, too stupid to even finnish a sentence :/ someone shoot me, please.

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Where I live we always get snow in October. Aka I live in Colorado.

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179- I lived in Waco, Texas for a few years & my granny has said there hadn't been more than flurries there in 30 years. The year we moved, (which was in 04 or 03?) there was a snow storm. Haha Oklahoma hasn't gotten anything yet. At least not where I live. Feels pretty nice outside.

Alaska hasn't had snow yet :( Except high in the mountains. Please send all snow back this way,people here are worried its the start of the end times...first time in 20 yrs that it hasn't snowed by Halloween.

I live in Australia ... it doesn't snow :(

Yeah, Boston was hit. Probably in the new England area

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new england obv we got tons of snow

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im in Alberta And we only have a thin coat of snow in the mornings before it melts. Donate to Canada, our houses have melted!

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Same in New Hampshire. The entire city of Nashua was powerless for a while.

It just hit the 30 degree mark in NC. Last few days it's been in the 70's. I hate the south.

121-no, it was pretty clear that it was sarcasm.

Wow. I live in northern Canada and it's 13 C and hasn't snowed yet.

it just snowed in Maryland and we weren't expecting tht

32- Yeah, I'm getting tired of all this snow down here in south florida, It's pretty irritating.

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YOU WISH I've lived in Florida all my life

I live in Alaska. you new yorkers be happy you don't have weather like us. frigging complaining about 32 degrees. psh please that's nothing.

Yeah we got quite a bit of snow here in Massachusetts.

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I always get snow in October! That's not normal for you!?

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Probably in the north. I live in Wisconsin, and we have the most ridiculous weather. For example: in March, for a week it was 85 degrees. Now it's June, and has been 45 degrees for the past four days. Now it's 80 agian.

i know new england sucks. i feel your pain i live in new hampshire.

Quit your complaining, if it snowed on my birthday that'd be the best day of my life ;)

"Oh sorry guys. I forgot to mention, I live in Antarctica..."

Same here! Just had a football game in the terrible snow at Exeter!

Same here! Just had a football game in the terrible snow at Exeter!

i have a picture (its time stamped may 6th) of me in my driveway with 4 feet of snow outside

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Oh, hell yeah. Concord has about 6 inches right now, and it's still going. First storm of the season. woohoo. Good skiing soon though!

In case any of don't own a television or Internet , the northeast just got nailed. I live in CENTRAL PA and we got 8 inches today dome folks got 13 in surrounding towns

Rochester ny finally missed some snow!

Sorry, but why is it such a big deal that it snowed in October??? It normally snows in october...

Not where I live... And I'm guessing not where OP lives either.

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I live in Vermont and we got so much that I built a snowman. . 3 days ago.

I feel sorry for all the people living in the northern hemisphere): it's almost summer here in new zealand(:

I didnt know you couldn't have a birthday party with snow..

It's outdoors, most likely. I'd cancel if there was enough snow, too.

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Traveling also becomes hazardous.

But why would you have an outdoor party in October if you live in a place that's cold enough to get snow that early? I'd think it would be pretty damn cold and unpleasant being outside for any length of time, even if it didn't snow...

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It was mildish weather in Connecticut!, then boom, two feet of snow

102- that's why people have fire pits or half indoor, half outdoor parties.

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I live in a place where it's still 80 degrees. Yay for southern New Mexico.

Move the party outside! Snow angels, sledding, and snowmen... What's not to love?

and in new york :P we used a snow day in October!

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Have a snowman-building contest with your friends :)

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In Georgia, it's cold and sticky. I'm jealous. But just postpone your party, lol.

i just moved here from florida so im not complaining...