By bethanygirl / Saturday 29 October 2011 19:46 / United States
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  IndiRae  |  9

For once? I lived in Texas for four years and it hardly ever snows. If you're thinking of the ice and sleet maybe. But even so, three or four harsh-ish winter storms a year is not a lot, grow a pair and never move north.

  IndiRae  |  9

It's hard to tell when somebody is being sarcastic over text, my bad. I'm just used to all the nimrods running around with their head up their asses around here.


179- I lived in Waco, Texas for a few years & my granny has said there hadn't been more than flurries there in 30 years. The year we moved, (which was in 04 or 03?) there was a snow storm. Haha

Oklahoma hasn't gotten anything yet.
At least not where I live. Feels pretty nice outside.

  SnowFlakeInAK  |  7

Alaska hasn't had snow yet :( Except high in the mountains. Please send all snow back this way,people here are worried its the start of the end times...first time in 20 yrs that it hasn't snowed by Halloween.

  dvl2035  |  10

I live in Alaska. you new yorkers be happy you don't have weather like us. frigging complaining about 32 degrees. psh please that's nothing.

  Ninjasaurus18  |  9

Probably in the north. I live in Wisconsin, and we have the most ridiculous weather. For example: in March, for a week it was 85 degrees. Now it's June, and has been 45 degrees for the past four days. Now it's 80 agian.

  ddeek  |  3

In case any of don't own a television or Internet , the northeast just got nailed. I live in CENTRAL PA and we got 8 inches today dome folks got 13 in surrounding towns

  VeganVampyre  |  26

But why would you have an outdoor party in October if you live in a place that's cold enough to get snow that early?
I'd think it would be pretty damn cold and unpleasant being outside for any length of time, even if it didn't snow...

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