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Today, my school is having a mandatory class on etiquette. We've just now progressed onto forks after a long, tedious discussion on spoons. FML
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Olovio 5

Bet you can't wait for sporks!


Olovio 5

Bet you can't wait for sporks!

But knives are the best subject. They can cause bodily harm! ;)

Idonebeenhad 17

Only get worried if your instructor asks you to spoon him.

Well it's not like you here about people being stabbed to death with forks all the time.

Knives are sharper than forks. Only a retard would try to commit murder with a fork.

imacreeper 3

say fork fork fork fork what do you eat soup with? a ______

stephmariee17 0

lol your school must be really bad :P

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39 I eat soup with my mouth and esophagus, I wonder what you eat soup with.....

imacreeper 3

48, I'm sure it wasn't so totally pointless because some people do need to learn quite a few manners. and I'm sure you wouldnt be thinking the same way if you were out eating at somewhere fancy and there are like 4 different spoons, forks and knives used for it's own purpose.

so while you are learning etiquette your on your phone? not so pointless

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I hear those lessons where you learn to cut chicken can get pretty wild...

There's etiquette to spooning? Only in America.

wait for the in-depth history of napkins!!

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ask him how a plate works and time his answer

imredheehee123 1

52, honestly, I'd use a fork for my salad and meal, and a spoon for my soup. Knife to cut, and napkin on lap. So no, in that situation, I think common sense would prevail for most people.

first of all, u dont eat soup. and it doesnt work if you only say it for 5 times , needs at least 50 for a good effect

this is quite strange. one would assume forks would be the first unit of study.

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I see what you did there ;)

get off the phone when you are in class...

Blake4477 0

That would be creative if it wasn't his name!

2 don't lie you got that from his name. :P

W0 0

i actually never saw that until you pointed that out

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let's do the fork in the garbage disposal, let's do the fork in the garbage disposal!

Ding ding ding ding ding! awah how I love the yes dance

Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Aha a classic :)

Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Aha a classic :)

sarah_cheverie 0

Something wrong with being polite?

OasC82 0

would you like a lecture on forks?

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Yeah. It's not really 'impolite' to not know every detail about forks.

65 A little grammar lession won't hurt you, now would it?

lolwutguy 0

137- you're an idiot. obviously he's a potato so he doesn't have to go to school. why you ask? BECAUSE HE'S A FREAKING POTATO.

Same as a spelling lesson wouldn't hurt you?

There's a big difference between politeness and etiquette. Allowing your guests to eat with whatever cutlery they choose is polite, insisting on using the correct ones is etiquette - so it can be both tedious and impolite.

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I think OP will do knives before sporks.

Idonebeenhad 17