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  imacreeper  |  3

48, I'm sure it wasn't so totally pointless because some people do need to learn quite a few manners. and I'm sure you wouldnt be thinking the same way if you were out eating at somewhere fancy and there are like 4 different spoons, forks and knives used for it's own purpose.

  herrobear  |  0

52, honestly, I'd use a fork for my salad and meal, and a spoon for my soup. Knife to cut, and napkin on lap. So no, in that situation, I think common sense would prevail for most people.

  Norbury  |  6

There's a big difference between politeness and etiquette. Allowing your guests to eat with whatever cutlery they choose is polite, insisting on using the correct ones is etiquette - so it can be both tedious and impolite.