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By  LeoCor  |  18

Buy more candy, look at her and say "You choose to have the child so she is your responsibility. If she grew up to be selfish then she is just like her mother."

By  Kitiara521  |  23

I would've looked at her like she's crazy - because she is - and grabbed another candy bar. Who cares if I don't want it right now, I'll stick it in the cupboard for later. Screw that lady.

By  Hellblazer_Sith  |  25

I would have bought more and open one in front of the mother and eat it. In the end you aren't the parent and it's none of your concern. Don't know why people think they can tell others what to do with their own money.

By  Rachel Todd  |  9

Stare at the child, and keep piling on candy to your pile. It's more money than what you wanted to spend, but the look on the child's face as you do this is priceless