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Today, my family went to Seaworld. When we got there, my dad sarcastically told me not to get lost, because I might get mistaken for Shamu. FML
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KatrinaKitten 16

You should have yanked him in the water and drowned him; Show him Shamu!

ZombieeeeUnicorn 1

I like cupcakes.


Kayl_reb5 0

Well someone needs to lose some weight!

ZombieeeeUnicorn 1

I like cupcakes.

SMGnow 0

Richard Simmons

Agiggleaday 0

wow worlds greatest dad..

stephmariee17 0

I guess that's a wake up call?

imacreeper 3

maybe OP's father meant that they are ugly, not fat. because you have to be pretty damn fat for your own father to make a joke like that.

denbeste 3

Dad WIN :D

are you sure he's your dad? you should have responded 'do u think twice before you speak or just say that stuff ^^so it hurts people? either way you plainly suck' and walk away to your mom

someone doesnt have a sense of humor

PurpleRae420 0

Your dads an asshole for that and that was an abusive sarcastic comment idc if it was "intended" to be funny because it wasn't

SwaggerMelon 6

Haha. It's funny because OP is fat.

ItWasAllWorthIt 0

58, very original advice. -_-

abcd4242 0

1-looks like you have no room to talk hahaha

120 HA love that movie

chocolatechocha 8

wow must be hella young!

Rock_The_Shindig 0

ur right it is sad

well Someones nice7:-l?

Droopy13 0

That was soo mean! Especially coming from your own dad! Anybody who think this is funny is a total a**hole!

Remember, everybody. OP could just be black and white.

At #one: Are you a girl or a boy? I can't tell...

well.. in her bio it says I like cheerleading and boys, so I'm gonna go with she's a girl

maybe OP is black and white.

if he said it sarcastically then shes too skinny. if he said it jokingly then shes fat.

Abbycadabbie1637 4

Really???wow lose!

in the fml he said SARCASTICLY. yall r idiots

sarcastically i mean

Angi95 3

If I were you I would be like dad don't get lost they might mistake you for an asshole, and not help you.

People need to get a sense of humour on here.

StarMelody009 0

Shut up

I know really LOL YDI and FYL

Wow Is an understatement...

I found that funny.

You completely deserve it for even going to Seaworld... What I don't understand is how anyone could support such a cruel and inhumane corporation.

shamu is awesome !!!!!

ifinsane 6

Tell him theyll mistake him for moby dick

Pufferfish78 5

Wow, that was mean!

Hhahah, you're dad was implying that you are a mammal that rhymes with shampoo, haha, shampoo is for heads, silly dad

holymolybro 0

Not his fault that his daughter is a beached whale.

thats an insult to shamu

JustinThunder 8

Maybe you should stop wearing blue shirts.

Shamu isn't blue. Orcas are black and white.

sarah_cheverie 0


JustinThunder 8

Oh well, people make mistakes. Thanks for the information.

shamus black and white...

puertoricanmafia 0

u suck at colors! lol

JustinThunder 8

123- I'd rather suck at colours than be illiterate.

baby_dee97 8

144 no Kobe sucks thats why lebron is still in the playoffs!!!!!!!!

W0 0

A little exaggeration cant hurt...

KatrinaKitten 16

You should have yanked him in the water and drowned him; Show him Shamu!

I agree. And,your hot.

^ it may not be mature but it'd be pretty funny and it'd also teach him a lesson

Heather_x0x0 6

because telling your kid that you might get mistaken for Shamu is real mature...

meow, what seems to be the problem here?

badgirl90987 9

ah yes, kill your father because he called you fat. nice solution.. I wouldn't drown him but I'd sure be pissed off. I'd shove food in his face.

sarah_cheverie 0

I like Shamu. ;D

me too, shamu is epic :D but maybe OP Should diet.

shaaaaamu swimming through the ocean blue crashed into a steel canoe now shamu's gonna sue.

maidofawesome 0

Sucks for you

Hahaha....wats a shamu.........-_-

maby171 0

a biiiig whale!

You should be happy. Whales are quite elegant.

yeah apparently it's mandatory for whales to take etiquette class.