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Today, my family went to Seaworld. When we got there, my dad sarcastically told me not to get lost, because I might get mistaken for Shamu. FML
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You should have yanked him in the water and drowned him; Show him Shamu!


Well someone needs to lose some weight!

wow worlds greatest dad..

I guess that's a wake up call?

maybe OP's father meant that they are ugly, not fat. because you have to be pretty damn fat for your own father to make a joke like that.

are you sure he's your dad? you should have responded 'do u think twice before you speak or just say that stuff ^^so it hurts people? either way you plainly suck' and walk away to your mom

someone doesnt have a sense of humor

Your dads an asshole for that and that was an abusive sarcastic comment idc if it was "intended" to be funny because it wasn't

Haha. It's funny because OP is fat.

58, very original advice. -_-

1-looks like you have no room to talk hahaha

120 HA love that movie

wow must be hella young!

well Someones nice7:-l?

That was soo mean! Especially coming from your own dad! Anybody who think this is funny is a total a**hole!

Remember, everybody. OP could just be black and white.

At #one: Are you a girl or a boy? I can't tell...

well.. in her bio it says I like cheerleading and boys, so I'm gonna go with she's a girl

maybe OP is black and white.

if he said it sarcastically then shes too skinny. if he said it jokingly then shes fat.

in the fml he said SARCASTICLY. yall r idiots

sarcastically i mean

If I were you I would be like dad don't get lost they might mistake you for an asshole, and not help you.

People need to get a sense of humour on here.

I know really LOL YDI and FYL

Wow Is an understatement...

I found that funny.

You completely deserve it for even going to Seaworld... What I don't understand is how anyone could support such a cruel and inhumane corporation.

shamu is awesome !!!!!

Tell him theyll mistake him for moby dick

Hhahah, you're dad was implying that you are a mammal that rhymes with shampoo, haha, shampoo is for heads, silly dad

Not his fault that his daughter is a beached whale.

thats an insult to shamu

Maybe you should stop wearing blue shirts.

Shamu isn't blue. Orcas are black and white.

Oh well, people make mistakes. Thanks for the information.

shamus black and white...

123- I'd rather suck at colours than be illiterate.

144 no Kobe sucks thats why lebron is still in the playoffs!!!!!!!!

A little exaggeration cant hurt...

You should have yanked him in the water and drowned him; Show him Shamu!

I agree. And,your hot.

^ it may not be mature but it'd be pretty funny and it'd also teach him a lesson

because telling your kid that you might get mistaken for Shamu is real mature...

meow, what seems to be the problem here?

ah yes, kill your father because he called you fat. nice solution.. I wouldn't drown him but I'd sure be pissed off. I'd shove food in his face.

me too, shamu is epic :D but maybe OP Should diet.

shaaaaamu swimming through the ocean blue crashed into a steel canoe now shamu's gonna sue.

Hahaha....wats a shamu.........-_-

You should be happy. Whales are quite elegant.

yeah apparently it's mandatory for whales to take etiquette class.