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Today, I was doing my homework on the computer when my dad walked by with a plate of food, threw his fork at me, and said "POSTURE!" FML
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he'll get the belt if you don't.

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What's not to get? OPs dad whipped a fork at her, to get her attention, so he could tell her to sit up straight. Seems pretty straight forward to me.

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you should always sit up strait with ur shoulders back and chin held high. try it, maybe people will stop throwing forks at u.

The duck may swim on the lake, but my daddy owns the lake!!

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What the hell? This isn't an fml either. I hate you, OP.

In my home country, it would've been a knife. Be grateful, communist scum.

Unless he is a tribal African trained in throwing sharp objects, a fork wouldn't puncture her, since it is spinning in mid-air.

Whatever pj you ****** pussy it's just a fork. I've been raveged by rabbits, raped by Robots, molested by monkeys, attacked by anacondas, killed by *****, violated by virginians, destroyed by doormats, beaten by beagles, ****** by felines, walked on by walruses, drowned by dogs, fought with flamingos, and battled with boas. A fork can't hurt me!

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Now I remembered why I've been absent a while. I think #57's alliterations (You used R twice! WTFF?), actually made me stupider.

I've admitted multiple times that i have no life and can't get laid. If you can't tell I was joking!

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@110, although she should have noticed that she wasn't having correct posture, IMO nobody deserves to have a fork thrown at them. Her father could have easily told her to sit up straight instead of throwing a fork at her.

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It's just a fork. I doubt he threw it at her in a violent way or tried to hurt her. I personally think this is hilarious and I get a wonderful visual. @110, you're wrong!

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I wouldn't be happy if a fork was thrown at me. So maybe it is "just a fork" but I'd rather "just a 'Sit up straight, you're going to ruin your posture like that.'"

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I think it's safe to assume it was a joke and they are a friendly family. My family is a bunch of goofs and my dad would definitely throw a fork at me to tell me to sit up straight.

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If it was a joke or a friendly gesture, why would she be complaining about it on FML? Edit:Beat me to it, pjmanso2. :P

Maybe she got sauce on her homework... I'm always afraid of getting sauce on my homework, but its not the kind from dinner...

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Sigh, because it's funny and will make people chuckle. I don't think OP is coming on FML and complaining about how her dad was being violent. Does anybody read the FAQs? This website is for funny anecdotes and normal everyday mishaps, not for abusive and insane fathers.

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On top of being a huge release for the person telling their story, delightfully proving that screw ups happen to everybody every day, also aims to be funny for everyone involved, as well as a way to share your misfortunes with other unlucky individuals, bearing in mind that a sense of irony is essential. FML is not for people who's lives are ruined. The website is to be FUNNY not SERIOUS.

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According to the FAQs. "In a few sentences, users can tell everyone the shitty moment which ruined their day." - It was a shitty moment, which means she did not like it and/or it wasn't a funny "joke". "On top of being a huge release for the person telling their story, delightfully proving that screw ups happen to everybody every day, also aims to be funny for everyone involved, as well as a way to share your misfortunes with other unlucky individuals." - Telling their story. (Sometimes another way to say complaining. This FML is a great example.) When you're complaining, you usually aren't happy about what you're complaining about. - also aims to be funny for everyone involved. I understand that this story could be funny, I'm saying that the OP did not find it funny. - Share your misfortunes with other unlucky individuals. Misfortunes aren't good. Also, I never said her father was violent and/or abusive. However, I did say that just telling her to sit up straight instead of throwing a fork at her would've been a better alternative.

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Sigh, I'm not saying there aren't stories that aren't serious, but it's based around humor and it's what they try and aim for. Why are you getting so upset? I pulled that directly from the FAQs and besides that, you /asked/ me to explain it to you. LOL! I know you didn't Samantha, I was just making an example. I agree with you about the approach, I'm simply stating that I don't think it was meant in a mean or rude way. I visualize my own weird family in this scenario.

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I'm not sure why you're reading so far into this, but I was simply stating what I was /assuming./ I have several FML moments in any given day and they generally make me laugh. Along with most of these stories. Where is there an argument? Merely a discussion amongst individuals. It is you who, for some reason, feels the need to press the issue and come off as rude when it's completely unwarranted. I'm not looking for any form of argument. I'm too tired for that.

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I thought it was funny / playful too. It doesn't say where it hit, so I'm gonna roll with that it probably bounced off OP's arm or stomach. Coppertone -- why argue that the fork was being used as a shiv? Why think that it was jabbed into anyone's throat when the FML says that it was thrown by someone carrying a plate of food? Dad probably wanted his dinner fork back without blood all over it.

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LOL, the last part of that made me chuckle, 149.

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I don't know about OP or the other commenters, but when my mom threw forks, spoons, shoes, or mirrors, whatever, it wasn't fun or playful. That shit hurt. So I'm going to say sorry OP, fyl

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Well, most parents don't throw stuff like that at their kids. Just because yours did, doesn't mean OPs did.

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you won't get respect if your back's not erect.


MissErikaHeart are you really commenting on a persons posture after you just told people how racist it is to tell a black person to speak properly? you ******* hypocrite.

Lmao I'm laughing so hard right now I love how 144 got in the middle of a debate to ask for the number of idk what that is (I'm guessing ...skull).

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people . for real . you all take stuff waaaaaaay too seriously .

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I read that in a mobster way. lol

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Or your back will be more crooked than that one guy who's crooked... and you may end up with a fork in your skull


#15 her dad will break your spine so that you'll have to sit up straight.

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#15 or else her dad will KILL YOU

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92- you're born with scoliosis, it isn't from bad posture.. bad posture just makes you look like a hunchback. :b

2 Things: 1) I hope he missed 2) Sit up Straight Your dads Rules!!!!!

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you'll thank him one day.It's better than developing scoliosis or a hunched back because of bad posture.Do you wanna be a 20 y/o that has to wear a back brace because they look like they got into a car accident.When really you couldve avoided it by just standing or sitting up straight.

Actually, I have a fracture in a spinal segment and have slight scoliosis and only needed a light back brace for 3 months after discovering my problem. I doubt you will need a back brace to avoid looking like you were in a car accident or anything near the damage a car accident would do from bad posture at a computer.

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LOL, i always try to get my friend to straighten his posture. Then he'll whine and say, "But I AM standing up straight...!" "Uhh, buddy, no you're not... you look like you're two feet tall...." :P

WTF? Did you at least sit up straight?