By Anonymous - 17/03/2012 15:53 - United States

Today, I was so bored that I spent two hours researching the history of spoons. FML
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I like rusty spoons.

perdix 29

So, what's the scoop?


I like rusty spoons.

I like to touch them.

#6 So, you have Tetanus and You like that

No, you dunce, it was a reference to Salad Fingers.

Spooning anyone?

justmethough 8

Well.. Now you know.

nofearjenshere 12

The feeling of rust.. against my salad fingers.. is almost orgasmic...

I see what you did there

thatKidzmOm 10

Might I inquire about your spoOns?

eatdemcupcakes 4

Spooning leads to forking

Posiedon57 0

And forking leads to knifing. And in the words of Annoying orange, "Knife!"

Llama_Face89 33

64- you killed it.

PistolWhiper93 0

Ha ha.

BunBunBabe 8

Marjory stewart Baxter!

thatKidzmOm 10

Marjorie stewart-Baxter, you taste like sunshine dust

A100893 30

What about the spork. I think the spork is a very intersting creation.

I like spooning! Google that next time bud!

Jeremy fisher is the one who tastes like soot an poo

Somewhheeeeeree over the rainbowwww....

You sir, are awesome.

geassconan 1

Please intrigue us with your knowledge.

I'd like to know more about how they breeded with the fork and evolved into the spork.

Spoons can be very interesting.

More interesting than your comment, that's for sure.

I prefer spoonING, myself.

The more you know. You'd be surprised how some random facts can help you out later on.

spoons are very useful when trying to eat semisolid food

BooGhosted 0


BradTheBrony 19

Liquid-solids. LOLSQUID.

thelinlinx3 10

That's awesome. Next time read up on forks!

thelinlinx3 10

I want a fork on the table! :D

Haha 52- you better not fork on the table!!

Or even sporks! Haha.

TwinArmageddons 4

77 - *facepalm* You no understand, I want 2 piece on my plate!

TwinArmageddons 4

77 - *facepalm* You no understand, I want 2 piece on my plate!

And I want sheet on the bed

And then, when you go on Jeopardy and there's the Utensils category, you can bring it home

He had a fork in the road and choose to study spoons

If I'm bored, that's maybe the only thing that could get me even more bored..

Lol I did that once for matches I agree with you 100%

perdix 29

So, what's the scoop?

I see what you did there.

78- Well it sure is knife to know that you got it, as blatantly obvious as it was. It was pretty forking funny.

Try not to start an argument about this. I'll just try to enjoy the pun and ignore the little spatulads are having :)

Now that's a knee-slapper! =D Seriously, I want to know about spoons.

Because she didn't forking want to.

crazyblackchick 0

Yeah, fork that.

Brace yourselves; here come the random comm-- Too late. :l

megan324 4

Lol so tru

And by random, you clearly mean retarded. Nooooo doubt!

iiFrench_Fries 5

Next, Look up the fork. (;

Shut up about the forks! It was only funny the first time...