By phonemenace - United States
Today, I counted the amount of stuff that my dad had bought within a week: a brand new boat, car, and truck. He also has countless gadgets at his office, including a 60" television. Our house is literally falling apart but Mr. Midlife-crisis won't do anything to help. FML
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  bennyboy111  |  7

Haha I have a 65 inch 3D plasma tv with surround sound a d ps3 connected letting me play 3D call of duty and other games & movies
My dad is currently going through his mid life crisis
We are snowboarding at least once every two weeks plus we are going to New Zealand to snowboard and watch the Rugby World Cup as well as sightseeing
He has recently bought two 4WD's which we use to go camping and off roading in tough terrain
& a snooker table
We have 7 functional tv's in our house

  wawa_sxm  |  14

Yuup OP father worked hard for that money he can spend it as he wish, and if you are under age then as long as you have a roof over your head and food on the table he has done his duty


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Let's say the average midlife crisis is around 40-45. You saying that most men have all their kids in their early 20s? Don't think so. I did consider that stuff, that's why my comment makes sense.

  ohmandapants  |  16

Even if the mom DOES work, a lot of families can't support themselves on one income. In this case she would be the sole income because daddy dearest is spending himself into a hole and being a selfish prick.