By phonemenace - 17/08/2011 09:50 - United States

Today, I counted the amount of stuff that my dad had bought within a week: a brand new boat, car, and truck. He also has countless gadgets at his office, including a 60" television. Our house is literally falling apart but Mr. Midlife-crisis won't do anything to help. FML
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Never stand between a man and his toys. Never.

damn. you must be rich! he should buy a new house while hes at it.


Never stand between a man and his toys. Never.

LiveLaughFML 10

you're the child of a cool cat. consider yourself accepted.

-1 Speaking of which I'd also like to make the point, don't borrow Satan's lawnmower and not return it.

Live in the mans toys??

He can have his lawnmower back when he puts the assless chaps on the right way and stops threatening to nibble on my soul.

HowAreYouToday 34

I'm a homunculus, I don't have that problem.

Your dad seems like a cool guy. Quit your complaining OP.

IndiRae 9

I learn so many quality life lessons from you, Iamnotmyself. Thank you, sir. But on topic, OP should.... Yea I got nothing.

-26 I'm glad I can be of assistance, I think I shall be an excellent father figure for people across the nation and myself.

-28 Yes retards, I still find the need to father myself for some obscure reasons you may or may not find offensive/kinky.

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Sounds like #1 has some first hand experience.

Well, your house may be falling apart, but you've got plenty of shit to play with too, assuming he's not the greedy type.

The op should either get a house of his own, or if he has his own house, he shouldn't count on his daddy to fix everything for him

44 he could live with his mom 67 He is most likely a minor

Haha I have a 65 inch 3D plasma tv with surround sound a d ps3 connected letting me play 3D call of duty and other games & movies My dad is currently going through his mid life crisis We are snowboarding at least once every two weeks plus we are going to New Zealand to snowboard and watch the Rugby World Cup as well as sightseeing He has recently bought two 4WD's which we use to go camping and off roading in tough terrain & a snooker table We have 7 functional tv's in our house

98- Thats cool. Want a cookie?

14- aww crap does that mean bad things will hapoen if i dont give death his weedwhacker and latex cat woman suit. *sigh* what a night

Yuup OP father worked hard for that money he can spend it as he wish, and if you are under age then as long as you have a roof over your head and food on the table he has done his duty

damn. you must be rich! he should buy a new house while hes at it.

NoobHat 6

Or their credit cards must be maxed out.

i dont think their bank would give them all three loans at once. and i dont see how my comment is negitive..

Maybe because you can't spell negative

this is me caring about being a grammar nazi on my iphone.

KennKenn 0

13- You saw the future, cause all it got were thumb downs.

Wow. I'd love to be your dad's best friend!

highlandrabbit 1

-13 Your comment isnt negative. And -55 ur a deuche bag

If you're going to call me a douche, at least spell it properly

highlandrabbit 1

Dude, **** off you have the gayest comebacks, and no one gives a damn about spelling. (And yes I know I am using gay out of context).

highlandrabbit 1

Geuss what Brool Story Co. your a ******* dick weed? But Im sure your so called friends have already told you that.

highlandrabbit 1

Brool Story Co. u sound so gay. haha. And if you have the mental capacity to read this far. haha what a prick. haha. i wonder how many girls u get. But u probably get more guys.

highlandrabbit2 2

Brool Story Co. You are an asshole. You are a prick and a man *****. You are probably a tranny. Go to ******* hell. Douche bag. I will kick your ass any day any week.You ******.

He's most likely in some massive debt.

highlandrabbit 1

U must really be able to smell the bankcruptcy.

TheRealHouse 7

Quit your bitching.. Get a job..

Please don't spell "you" like that. BTW It's bankruptcy not bankcruptcy.

highlandrabbit 1

BTW. Why r u trying to get rid of the idiots on FML. Thats one of the dimbest things ive ever heard

I think you just answered your own question with that comment

highlandrabbit 1

Its called a typo.

Just sell it at a higher price=profit

no ....way! :O

I learn so much from FML comments. Who needs collage when there's the internetz?

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Get your own place then...

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He's probably under 18, ******* idiot

where does it say he is under 18? some people stay longer into their 20's.

IndiRae 9

Damn dude. Chill out.

everybodyluvsMEN 0

Let's say the average midlife crisis is around 40-45. You saying that most men have all their kids in their early 20s? Don't think so. I did consider that stuff, that's why my comment makes sense.

My mom was 47 when she has me...

moonmoon 5

Where does it say they’re not living on their own?

rj33445 4

Nice. Thats y its called midlife crisis

damn.....FYL OP my dad is doing the exact same thing........

Maybe he'll buy something to put it all back together and make everyone happy. Can anyone say "Hawaii?"

prince122 0


Hawaii sucks, it's nice to visit, not live. Trust me.

Uh, isn't that HIS money, and HIS decision on what to spend it on?

everybodyluvsMEN 0

Yeah, I think it's his DEBT, not his money

Not when a man makes a commitment to be married and or have kids to support., then house, food, bills come first. It's called responsibility

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Not if he has a family then it's not just his money it's his family's money too. He should of stayed single if he wanted it to be just his money.

highlandrabbit 1

good point

The mom must work too... Sexist.

elmogoezRAWR 0

It's also HIS family and HIS responsibility if OP's mom doesn't work (it didn't say)

deathpotato 11

68- how did you get that from anything previously said?

Even if the mom DOES work, a lot of families can't support themselves on one income. In this case she would be the sole income because daddy dearest is spending himself into a hole and being a selfish prick.

Yea but not everyone's parents BOTH work my mum only started last year!

Could you ask him if he would buy me a car?